Malin Ekstrand’s solo EP “Nära” is out today

Posted March 11: Malin Ekstrand, whom you have seen singing backing vocals in Roxette’s Summer tour last year, has recorded an EP called “Nära” which is out today on iTunes, Amazon and other digital music stores. 

“The music: Open, Warm, Loving, Personal, Happy, Laid Back, Intimate, Elaborated, Playful, Soft, Ingenious.

I am just like anybody with thoughts and ideas, right and wrong. The difference is that I write it down, using music. My life, so far, has been very exciting and I have had many positive surprises.

In addition to my lovely man and my two wonderful children I also enjoy having music as a close friend. Music has always followed me, but in different shapes and genres: pop, rock, funk, soul, jazz, musicals and that mixture of everything that is a genre of its own. All of it has enriched my life and helped me develop. I have been given the opportunity to explore music as a pianist, a solo artist, a choir singer, a teacher, a creator and as a listener. The music in my life changes, as do my goals and myself. My next goal is to always believe in myself.

A good friend said: If a song has come to you it is selfish not to pass it on. These five songs have come to me, you can have them.

/ Malin”

The EP is released by Swedish record label Monophon and has been recorded in I/O Studios.

Update March 30: Malin’s team now offers an additonal purchase possibility:

For those of you living in parts of the world where iTunes or other download services can’t deliver Malin’s EP “Nära” to you – here is finally a store that we set up especially for you!

27 thoughts on “Malin Ekstrand’s solo EP “Nära” is out today”

  1. I have to post this here because i am very mad about it. I tried to purchased this EP but it was impossible. First Itunes didn’t sell to South America, then Amazon didn’t allow me to but cause i didn’t live in U.S or Europe.

  2. well, there are other options before downloading illegally.

    What about mailing monophon and ask if you can buy it from them directly?
    What if you ask somebody to buy it for you and you transfer the money via paypal?
    There are surely some more.

  3. There are options when you have friends in every country.
    That way duriing last years i got lots of albums BUT PAID a lot of money FOR SHIPPING AND bank TRANSFERs.
    Now when i think of it -with money that i spent becouse of music companies stupid policy i could buy twice more Roxette albums!!!!

    It’s hard to understand that policy even when it is about physical items,but when like in this case it’s about digital album -MP3 — i think this policy is insane.

    Although i am EU citizen i CAN’T buy something that is made in EU.
    And that’s just stupid to put it mildly.

  4. So I apologize Judith. My point was never complain without a reason. I just posted here so maybe someone could help me. I already contacted Tidstrand from monophon and he gave me a list of 5 websites… and, again, none of them i could shop. All with the same problem. The country I am. I will try to ask someone. I just wanted the pleasure to buy her EP for myself. Sorry about the inconvenience.

    • not meaning your post 🙂
      I can help you out, the EP costs like 3 Euro here in Austria.. I can buy a 2nd copy and send it to you, you don’t need to make any money transfer 🙂

  5. Hi there!

    I have been contacted by a few people who have had difficulties to find a store in specific countries. It seems things are not as easy as I could wish… Sorry for that. I would not exclude anyone, if I could control those things…. Probably …the major labels are to blame for geographical restrictions.

    It seems Eastern European countries are included in the eMusic system, try this link:

    In Russia try this link:

    For the Latin American countries things seem more complicated: But there are a LOT more possibilities, here is a full list of stores:

    I wish you best of luck and I am sorry for the inconvenience. If you like, you could let me know if you succeed so I can help others to find a solution.

    Kind regards,

  6. thanks Per! 🙂 hope this helps. I can still buy the ep for those who may still have problems and can send money via paypal 🙂
    the Ep is very good!

  7. I cand send you money thru paypal if you tell me how. I am used to pay with paypal at ebay.

    Thanks a lot Judith.

    I listen the EP on napster and loved it.

  8. I am sorry that the definition of Worldwide in that mentioned list is not exactly how I would define it. I have contacted (the distribution company), and am awaiting a reply for how costumers in South America should be able to buy Malin’s music! >I’ll get back as soon as possible.

    I am very glad to hear that you are helping each other out.

  9. OK, I have been in touch with the distribution service, and I am sorry to say that it didn’t bring us any further. Here is a quote “For companies like iTunes or Amazon, there may be several reasons not to enter a market: not enough revenue to expect, non-functioning collecting rights organizations, high piracy, too low Internet or network infrastructure, etc. Also, in many cases it is not even the fault of iTunes or Amazon: the major labels simply refuse to grant the licenses for these territories because they insist on a guaranteed minimum royalty rate which cannot be met in these territories. And without the major label content, of course, a launch would not make any sense from the shop’s point of view – and so it doesn’t happen.”

    The major stores and the major labels are setting up the territorial restrictions, and it is impossible for micro labels like us to have any influence. The only place that may carry Malin’s songs in the near (?) future may be , but who knows when?

    Maybe things will change in the future, but for the moment things are not very easy for people everywhere, not even in the digital age of 2011.

    I hope you can help each other out…

  10. Hi Per, so sad to hear this but i appreciate your time so much. Thanks for everything.

    I’ll try here with some fans in Europe and thank you again!

  11. Per Tidstrand,

    I can’t thank you enough. You were very kind…..
    Today, when i saw this on the website… oh my god! I downloaded very easily and fast … paid with paypal… everything was fast and clear!!!

    can’t thank you enough…
    Waiting to download everything!


  12. Hi Bianca!

    I am happy that it worked out finally, and hope you enjoy Malin’s songs… She is a very talented and nice person, so hopefully many people will hear and like her music. Even if they don’t know swedish;-)

    So hopefully there is a solution now for people worldwide!

    Best wishes,

  13. Her music is great. I’m also spreading the word in Brazil. And she is getting compliments for her music. Many brazilians are very sad she’s not here with Roxette but expect to see her in another opportunity.

    again, can’t thank you enough…

    “Nara” is on my airport’s playlist thoughout Roxette’s tour in Brazil!!!

  14. The song Nära gets similar Fredriksson style, so Malin could be the best Roxette backing vocals nowadays for the whole tour. Gessle sometimes is like his song named Stupid!

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