2010 tour: Halmstad, August 4, dress rehearsal

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1. Dressed for success (Look sharp!)
2. Sleeping in my car (Crash! Boom! Bang!)
3. Opportunity nox (The Pop Hits)
4. The big L. (Joyride)
5. Wish I could fly (Have a nice day)
6. She doesn’t live here (Don’t bore us…)
7. 7twenty7 (Have a nice day)
8. Perfect day (Joyride)
9. Things will never be the same (Joyride)
10. It must have been love (Pretty woman)
11. Stupid (Marie left the stage on this song)
12. Do you wanna be my baby (Marie left the stage on this song)
13. Silver blue (Per said they sing this one because it was #1 in the song requests/ fans wanted to hear, yep, it was your choice, dear RoxetteBlog.com readers) (Tourism)
14. Fading like a flower (Joyride)
15. How do you do! (Tourism)
16. Dangerous (Look sharp!)
17. Joyride (Joyride)

18. Listen to your heart (Look sharp!)
19. The look (Look sharp!)
20. (I’m not your) Steppin’ stone
21. Church of your heart (Joyride)

Fan stories

Judith’s report for RXB


Intro | Listen To Your Heart | Joyride (part) | Silver Blue | Wish I Could Fly | LTYH 2 (better audio)

By Sarah: Silver Blue | Perfect Day | Church of Your Heart

By Alex Usero, go to his YouTube profile, you’ll find It Must Have Been Love, Perfect Day, Things Will Never Be The Same, Wish I could Fly, Silver Blue.

By Judith (parts of How Do You Do!, Opportunity Nox, Steppin’ Stone and Silver Blue full).

By Txiqui (Perfect day, Fading like a flower, Things will never be the same, Silver blue)


Photos can be found here in the photoshow at GP.se.

Great photo gallery by Txiqui/Roxspain

Roxette’s comments

Great dress rehearsal last nite. Marie in top form. The band kicked ass (after 4 songs..). The crowd was awesome. Hallelujah everyone.

Official videos

Media reports

Announcing the gig: Hallandsposten | Aftonbladet | Expressen | HD | GP | Aftonbladet
GP reports live from the concert
Concert reports: The Daily Roxette | Hallandsposten | Skanskan.se


The 600 tickets sold out within 2 hours, despite only available at Hotel Tylösand. Plus 400 invited guests.

Pearls of passion – 0
Look sharp! – 4
Pretty woman soundtrack – 1
Joyride – 6
Tourism – 2
Crash! Boom! Bang! – 1
Don’t bore us… – 1
Have a nice day – 2
Room service – 0
The ballad hits – 0
The pop hits – 1
Per’s solo – 2
Cover – 1

Please excuse the rough translations!

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Roxette play surprise concert at Leif’s Lounge

As www.roxette.se informs, Roxette decided to share their dress rehearsal with 600 fans:

Like in 2003 (Per Gessle), 2004 (Gyllene Tider) and 2007 (Per Gessle again) there will be a secret concert, like a dress rehearsal if you will, in Halmstad August 4! Roxette will play Leif’s Lounge at Hotel Tylösand on Wednesday night. 600 tickets will be released on Wednesday morning, in order to stop ticket scalpers, and will cost 295 SEK. Tickets may be bought in the reception of Hotel Tylösand starting at 11.00 AM.
The concert starts at 10 PM.

Official tourstart will be Saturday in Sundsvall.

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16,000 people bought tickets for the Halmstad concert

According to the latest article published on Hallandposten.se, over 16,000 tickets were sold for the Roxette concert in Halmstad and the organizers in the official application documents say about max. 22,000 fans that can be expected on the concert day. The police sources claim that the marketplace can take even more people – close to 30,000 spectators.

Ingmar Nilja, the local police chef, met with the organizers from Nöjet AB two times just to discuss all the issues about the Roxette gig. It was decided that the organizers will be responsible for people’s safety in the concert area and because of that Swedish policemen will not get paid for their help.

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New Roxette billboard in Moscow

Thanks to Evgeny Perekopskiy for the picture.

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Malin Ekstrand to replace Helena Josefsson on 2010 tour

According to the latest information published on PER GESSLE OFFICIAL Helena Josefsson was replaced by Malin Ekstrand on 2010 Roxette tour.

Helena isn’t with us on these upcoming gigs. New face/voice for you all: MALIN EKSTRAND. An excellent choice, sir.

More about this new backing singer can be found on her website.

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Gessle’s plectrums for 2010 tour?

Thanks to Sandra Knospe for the information. And here is the official comment from Per Gessle:

Howdy, yes these were made for the upcoming shows. However, I didn’t like the colour so I gave them to blue Christoffer. Naturally, he loved them! So he uses them, not me! Mine looks the same but are a/white with black logo b/black with white logo.

Source: Tradera.com, Facebook

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Halmstad Festival poster

If you have a better picture of this poster, send it to us!

Source: Vikunja’s Fan Page

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Did BiljettNu.se finance a Roxette comeback?

When not even Roxette’s own company Live Nation in the beginning of this year dared to believe that a concert of Roxette would sell enough, Biljett Nu went in into this business and financed the show. Our investment in Roxette was an absolutely right decision. See you in Halmstad!

Because of a dispute with Live Nation, there is a risk that you may be refused to enter the concert with these tickets. They argue that these tickets are not valid. We hope that this dispute will be resolved until August 14th.

We would like to also remind you that according to Live Nation and Per Gessle himself, tickets bought on Biljettnu.se after July 9th are not valid. Buy your tickets on www.ticnet.se

Source: BiljettNu.se

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Russian musician inspired by Roxette’s “It must have been love” video

Thanks to Evgeny Perekopskiy for this information.

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“Låt den rätte komma in” goes USA.

Americans bought the rights for Swedish “Låt den rätte komma in” film in which Per Gessle’s song “Kvar i min bil” was used as one of the main themes. Now you can watch the American trailer on YouTube. If you are nostalgic and find Swedish version as better one (even though American version did not have its premiere), see this clip.

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Reimbursement of The Race Legends tickets?

We got an interesting message from Andreas Kämpf regarding The Race Legends tickets

I got a phone call from Caroline Jepson from TRL last Thursday. She asked me if I want to change my racetickets to Roxette-tickets or if I want to give the tickets back and cancel my hotelbooking. Since I have new tickets for Halmstad I canceled the whole Anderstorp package. She sent me an e-mail and I replied with my bank account details. Now she will transfer the money I payed back into my German bank-account. I expect the money in the next days and will keep you informed.

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Lost 20,000 SEK on Roxette tickets

As we know Roxette’s comeback gig was moved from Anderstorp till Halmstad. Suprisingly, not only the oragnizer and the place were changed but also the ticket’s price – it became cheaper. But Röke Buss’s company which bought 200 tickets is not happy about this fact.

NorraSkåne.se informs about Lars Erlingsson, Röke Buss owner, who bought 200 tickets and paid 125,000 SEK in total for them. However, since the concert was later moved to Halmstad and the price for one standing ticket was reduced by 100 SEK, which means that Lars Erlingsson paid in the end 20,000 SEK more for the tickets. “We have tried to make contact with the dealer, but we cannot find them. Neither via email or telephone,” he tells the newspaper.

The newspaper also tried to get in touch with Biljettnu.se but they only got the answering machine informing that the Biljettnu.se are valid, whatever all articles published during the past days.

Source: NSK.se

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The King of Swedish Pop meets the King of Sweden

The King of Swedish Pop Per Gessle met with the King of Sweden Carl XVI Gustaf just before Prince Carl Philip’s race in the Porsche Carrera Cup in Falkenberg on the hot and balmy afteroon July 10th. “It is a little bit of freezing… Naaah, I’m just kidding. I’ve read that there was 50 degrees in Bangkok and it was probably the same here in Falkenberg,” says Per to Expressen.

It was not long before he and his familly found the shelter from the sun. He chose the same tent where the King of Sweden Carl Gustaf followed Carl Philip’s race on the track. Just before the race began Gessle had time to say thanks for the royal reception at the castle after Victoria and Daniel’s wedding. “I thanked him for lately. The wedding was fantastic,” adds Per in Expressen’s article.

Prince Carl Philip finished the race in the eighth position.

Source: Expressen.se

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Interview with Linnea Olsson from Paintbox

Hallandsposten has an interview with Linnea Olsson from Paintbox about the concert as support act of Roxette, you can read it here: Hallandposten.se

More information about the Paintbox can be found here.

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Åsa Gessle – In love

Åsa Gessle has created a collection of lamps called “In Love” with a clear message of peace. On the lamp can be found a sign stating “Make love, not war” with a small peace symbol. The designer has been inspired by the fact that this year is 50 years since peace symbol began its triumphal journey around the world.

Source: Monicaskreative

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