ARD “Brisant” interview with Per Gessle

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Musicians for a reduced VAT rate

Per Gessle amongst other important artists as Andrés Calamaro from Argentina, Alejandro Sanz, Carmona Bros of Ketama and Niña Pastori from Spain, Krezip members from the Netherlands, Tiziano Ferro and Jovanotti from Italy, Air members from France, Sir Elton John and Sir Tom Jones from UK have signed a petition asking for a reduced VAT rate on sound recordings in order to put an end to cultural discrimination against music.


Thanks to Emilio for this piece of information.


Roxette on Audi RockPop Festival

Despite earlier fears, it seems like two new German June concerts will take place in the end. published an information yesterday that Roxette is to perform together with Ich&Ich on Festival that will take place in Ingolstadt on June 24th. This event will celebrate opening of the new stadium for local football team Ingolstadt 04.

We have no updates on the second gig Neckarsulm, but we can only suspect that it was not cancelled either.

Update: Roxette Official confirms that both concert in Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm take place, on June 25th and 24th respectively.

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Interview with Roxette on Swedish radio today

Lotta Bromé has interviewed Roxette for her radio programme P4 Extra med Lotta Bromé. The interview will be aired (not live) today at 13:25 on SR – P4 channel.

You can already listen to a short part of it on the website. In this short teaser, Marie explains doctors gave her only half a year but that deep inside she knew she would make it. “But it has been a tough fight,” she says.

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Mexico date off the tour published an updated 2011 World Tour schedule yesterday. It was long speculated if the actual gig in Mexico would take place as the sale had not started in the last 3 months. Now it seems like the concert was cancelled.

We were unoficially informed that Montevideo gig would be organized on April 2nd instead of the Mexico date.

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Win a copy of “She’s Got Nothing On (But The Radio)” promo single!

Updated February 28th: Contest is over. We will announce the winners this week. Good luck!

We have 10 “She’s Got Nothing On (But The Radio)” promo singles (1-track, orange/red cover) to give away, courtesy of EMI Austria.

In order to participate, answer to these three questions and send them to latest 27th February 2011. We will raffle the 10 singles among those who have answered the 3 songs correctly.

Don’t forget to indicate your nickname in your email and to read the small letters below.

1 -Marie Fredriksson joined Per Gessle on stage during his Party Crasher tour in 2009, where they both played “It Must Have Been Love” and “The Look”. In which cities was it?

a) Amsterdam and Moscow

b) Amsterdam and Stockholm

c) Stockholm and Warsaw

2 -“Charm School” can be found in various different versions, for example Deluxe and vinyl. What is included in the Deluxe version?

a) An EP with demos

b) A live CD with tracks recorded during Roxette’s tour 2010

c) An interview with Per and Marie

3 – Roxette are going on a world tour this year. Where does the tour start?

a) Stockholm, Sweden

b) Berlin, Germany

c) Kazan, Russia

And here is the small letter, contest conditions
– In order to participate, you only have to send an email answering to the 3 questions. We will consider all emails sent until the 27th February, 2011, 23:59 CET time.

– 10 winners will be picked up randomly among those who have sent correct answers to the 3 questions.
– Don’t forget to send your nickname (you have to register if you haven’t yet) in, full name and mailing address in your email.
– As it is usual, you can only participate once, any attempt to participate twice will lead to your disqualification.
– Prizes won’t be paid out in cash. Prizes will be sent by standard mail only once (so basically, if the envelope gets lost.. we won’t be able to send a replacement).
– Winners will be announced on this website during the first week of March 2011. You will also be notified per email and you’ll be required to answer to the notification email.

Roxette greetings for Spanish fans

“Charm school” cover idea

Per Gessle tells Sven Lindström in Nordic Rox Roxette Special why they did not do any photography session.

Pär Wickholm is a great Swedish designer. You leave vauge ideas on his desk and he comes up with 3, 4, 5 totally different concepts. Basiclly I said to him that we are not going to do any major photo session. We’re gonna collect pictures from here and there, favourite pictures, silly pictures, snapshots. I told Marie to collect 60 pictures and I collected 60 pictures and we just saw what would come up with them. After couple of weeks we decided that it’s good. I like it. It looks fresh and it reflects the album.

Thanks to Miedy Bishop for this information.

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Roxette interview in Nyhetsmorgon tomorrow

TV4 posted a short teaser of the forthcoming interview with Roxette that will be broadcasted on Nyhetsmorgon tomorrow, February 19th.

Watch this teaser here. Per and Marie talk about the songs they choose to play for the audience before they go on stage.

Update February 19th: Here is the full interview from Nyhetsmorgon today!

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New Hungarian and German interviews with Per Gessle

Per Gessle did a really heavy radio promotion last week and here are the effects of his work:


Sat1 “Die Roxette Rockumentary”

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“Charm school” posters

Roxette Latinoamerica posted “Charm school” posters that were printed in Sweden. Have a look!

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EMI Chile reveals the second single?

EMI Chile on its website informs that the second “Charm school” single will be “No one makes it on her own”.

Thanks to William Navarro for this information.

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Song-by-song “Charm school” interview with Per Gessle

An in-depth German interview that was published last week is finally available on website in English video version with German subtitles.

Part 1 – “Way out”, “No one makes it on her own”, “She’s got nothing on (but the radio)”

Part 2 – “Speak to me”, “I’m glad you called”

Part 3 – “Only when I dream”, “Dream on”

Part 4 – “Big black cadillac”, “In my own way”, “After all”

Part 5 – “Happy on the outside”, “Sitting on top of the world”

And here’s the whole interview in one part:

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More Roxette shows to come..

German radio station NDR2 published an interview with Per Gessle the other day. It seems that most likely Roxette will play another 25 shows in autumn, some of them in Germany again. If you already know when and where Roxette will play let us know. :)

Source: NDR2

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