Roxette billboards in Moscow and St. Petersburg

Evgeny Perekopskiy from Moscow took few photos of Roxette billboards that advertise their gigs which will take place on September 10th and 12th, 2010.

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Roxette started tour rehearsals this week

As Per informed via Twitter/Facebook, Roxette entered the rehearsal halls last monday to get ready for the upcoming live shows, starting August 7. As he revealed they even tried out songs which they never played live before! So the result could get really interesting. And don’t forget that Roxette is scheduled to perform at Princess Victoria’s wedding concert next week, June 18! They are rumored to play ‘The Look’, but maybe that’s not the only song? So far one rehearsal video surfaced on Snowfish:

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New Roxette Interview with Per in Smukfest magazine

A special B.T. magazine edition about the Smukfest festival in Skanderborg, Denmark features an interview with Per about Roxette’s upcoming show and the album, as well as the biggest memories from the past. He states again that they aim for a spontaneous “power pop” show without computers in the background. For the album the goal is a “really, really good, classic Roxette” sound – including power ballads where Marie can shine. Check it out if you understand Danish (or use a translator)!

Link to magazine PDF

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Gessle: “Crown Princess has an extremely good taste”

Per Gessle has officially confirmed that Roxette will play on Victoria’s pre-wedding party on Friday, June 18th, Expressen reports. “Crown Princess has an extremely good taste, Per Gessle comments to Expressen.

He took part in the official banns of marriage ceremony, where Victoria and Daniel received gifts and presents from invited guests e.g. Sweden’s Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt. The ceremony took place on Sunday afternoon, May 30th. Gessle came to the castle with a large silver package. When Aftonbladet’s reporter asked what’s inside, Gessle just laughed and answered “It’s a puppy“. Per Gessle was very happy when he came out of the castle afterwards and told Expressen that the dainty sandwitches were very good. He did not want to reveal any other details around the performance, since it would be no fun.


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Are you The next big thing?

This is a newsletter that every registered person on should have gotten. The contest has started on May 25th.

Are you The Next Big Thing?

Snowfish is proud to present a new and unique music competition where everyone can be a winner – artists and music lovers alike. We call it The Next Big Thing!

For Artists!

As an aspiring artist you can sign up for the competition using your existing Snowfish-account. The goal is simple: promote yourself by uploading music, videos, images, and by publishing blog posts and interacting with fellow artists and community members. The more traffic you attract to your site, the higher your score will get. The top 10 scoring artists will be chosen to face off at an amazing live concert event at Kungsträdgården, Stockholm on the 10th and 11th of September, 2010…where The Next Big Thing winner will be crowned.

Get your music on Spotify!
Play at the Way out West festival in Gothenburg, Sweden.
Perform onstage in the Next Big Thing summer tour.
Become a finalist and compete for a recording session with a famous producer, touring hookup, music gear and much more…

For Music Fans!

Whats great about The Next Big Thing competition is that we focus equally on music fans and their ability to recognize and promote the best talent. Sign up as a Jury member and you will play a huge role in the outcome while competing for free prizes and the chance to become one of the top 10 best talent spotting jury members who get to pick the winner at an amazing live concert event at Kungsträdgården, Stockholm on the 10th and 11th of September, 2010!

Win a VIP-pass to the Way out West-festival in Gothenburg, Sweden.
Promote your favorite artists, get on the top scoring jury charts, get free stuff!
The top 10 jury finalists will be the ones who pick the winner at an amazing live concert event at Kungsträdgården, Stockholm on the 10th and 11th of September, 2010.

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Mystery of new music books

As we previously informed, “Best of Roxette” will be published by Swedish publishing company Gehrmans Musikförlag. The premiere was postponed two times – first time from March 22nd till June 1st and now the official release date is September 1st 2010 according to and

Suprisingly, on both sites mentioned above two more Gessle/Roxette music books are in stock – both released on May 31st by Books, LLC. The books are said to be in English. There is no cover pictures or any informations except the very long title where few songs’ titles are included (e.g. It must have been love, Listen to your heart, The look, Joyride, How do you do, The centre of the heart). gives more details – they claim that Gessle-book has 324 pages (!) and its dimensions are 22.9 x 15.2 x 1.8 cm while Roxette’s book has 126 pages and it dimensions are 22.9 x 15.2 x 0.7 cm.

Is it meant to be the international version of Swedish “Best of Roxette”?
Does anyone know more about these publication?
Or better: is there someone out there who purchased them?

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Problems with the official Roxette shop?

We got this e-mail from one of fans – Andreas from Germany. If you had this same kind of trouble with Roxette official shop, just let us know.

In January I ordered some items via the official Roxette merchandise shop in the UK. One item was not delivered, so I tried to get a reply since then. You can read my massages to he official Roxette Merchandise shop bellow. I write this because there might be more fans who have problems like this and I am confused how the “official” shop is treating people who spend their money on Roxette.

UPDATE: We got another e-mail from Andreas where he informed us that after 3 months of waiting, he finally got the missing item.

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Happy birthday, Marie!

Marie has her day today. Send her best wishes and yes – celebrate this special day!

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The Race Legends ticket.

Thanks to Christina Röhrs.

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Helena Josefsson to sing with Roxette on Victoria’s wedding

Taken from Helena Josefsson’s official website:

Just a small update!
Recording and composing with Sandy Mouche gives me a lot of joy in between the exam- studies.
No news about the solo-album so far.

Singing backing vocals with Roxette when our Princess gets married!

Now I´ll pick up my sun-beam-boy at his grand mother.

Have a fine day!

Thanks to Lantartida.

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Swedish musical about the 80ies to feature Gyllene Tider songs

According to an article on BLT, Philip Zandén is going to direct the musical “Älska mig i natt”, which is going to follow the concept of Mamma mia! but with Swedish hits from the 80ies.

The show is to feature about 30 songs of artists such as Orup, Gyllene Tider, Eva Dahlgren or Lisa Nilsson.

The premiere should be in the beginning of January 2011 at Chinateatern in Stockholm.

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Anderstorp ticket

E-ticket for Anderstorp Roxette show bought on

If you have any other ticket you would like to show (without codes, of course!), just let us know at

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Tags: , ,’s blog publishes a new video at least once a week in its blog section in which organizers discuss issues around Sundsvall festival – e.g Roxette’s favourite song, Roxette’s performance on Victoria’s wedding or concert sceneography.

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Gessle, Ulvaeus and Ledin behind “Next Big Thing” contest

According to DagensIndustri, pop legends Björn Ulvaeus, Tomas Ledin and Per Gessle are behind a new project which they hope will become Sweden’s biggest music competition – a kind of “Idol” on the web. It drew my attention that artists and songwriters can make money online, says Per Gessle to Dagens Industri.

Behind the contest called “Next Big Thing” is – the company owned by famous Swedish stars. Anyone who does not already have a record deal can participate in this competition and the idea is that the audience will be a jury and will vote for the winner. It is still unclear if only Swedish citizen will be able to participate in it.

With 100,000 opened accounts, we estimate that around 25,000 are going to be the artists and the rest will be a jury, says Niklas Holmstén, Snowfish CEO. Advertisment revenue is estimated at about 10,000,000 SEK and compensation for the artists will be calculated basing on the number of listeners.

The idea is supported by e.g. Telia Sonera, Spotify, Sony Ericsson and Musikbörsen.


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Newspapers confirm: Roxette will play on Victoria’s wedding!

The rumours reach back to January, but know it looks like confirmed: Roxette will perform on the special concert to Sweden’s Crown Princess Victoria’s wedding! Over the weekend several scandinavian newspapers reported about Roxette, Benny Andersson and Carola (wedding dinner) to be among the invited performers.

Officially it’s still secret, but Aftonbladet tells about Victorias big – but until long very unrealistic – wish to have Roxette performing her favourite song “The Look” on her wedding concert on June 18. This marks Roxette’s “historic comeback” in official form to a Swedish live stage after 8,5 years!

Aftonbladet goes on to report about Roxette’s surprising comeback and the upcoming album. Per Gessle is the only artist on the official guest list for the evening. The wedding and concert will be broadcasted live on SVT1 and other TV stations. Roxette’s manager Marie Dimberg still declined to comment…

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