Roxette’s performance at Klitschko vs Solis fight: Lists of streaming websites and broadcasting channels

A quick reminder – tonight Roxette will perform “She’s Got Nothing On” at the boxing fight Vitali Klitschko vs Oldanier Solis, which takes place in Lanxess Arena in Cologne. We just got to know that the fight is being broadcasted to not less than 120 countries (!).

Besides RTL – also on internet stream, where Roxette’s performance will be surely shown, here you can see a list of channels or websites which seem to broadcast the fight tonight and hopefully Roxette’s performance!

– US: according to this article it will be on EPIXHD (Epix website) and in Times Square in NY (!!)

– Russia: LiveTV

If you are aware of more live streams or channels, post it in the comments!

Magnus Börjeson posted a picture of Christoffer going to the stage/ring.

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World Tour 2011: Tallinn, Estonia – Concert cancelled!! New date: July 18th!!

We need your help. The whole Roxette World Tour 2011 will be covered with such topics. If you find something connected with this particular part of the tour, post it in the comment section and we will add it to the article. Thanks for your help and cooperation!

Tallinn, Estonia, March 18th


Interview with Per Gessle on Estonian TV EER (uploaded by Testuser0298)

Update March 18th – 13:45:

It seems the show has been cancelled. Marie suffers from laryngitis and can’t sing tonight.
BDG just confirmed the cancellation. The show has been rescheduled for July 18th. Your tix are still valid, of course.

Source: FBI

Update March 18th – 19:45:

We’ve been told Marie is just doing fine, it’s just that she cannot  speak (and let alone sing). The performance tomorrow in Köln at the boxing fight is not cancelled.

Here’s Per’s explanation on video:

Thanks to for the upload.

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Roxette and Gyllene Tider items auctioned for children’s rights

Swedish NGO BRIS (Children’s Rights in Society) has started an auction via auction website Tradera as part of the organisation’s 40th anniversary. The auction includes some Roxette and Gyllene Tider items.

Other items are a Beatles package, football team tshirts, many other CDs or signed picture frames.

BRIS supports children in distress and is a link between children, adults and the community. All support services build on volunteer work and financial support, primarily from corporate cooperation and private persons, and to a small extent governmental grants.

Traderahas set up a special website for this campaign, where the auctions started yesterday, March 17th and will go on until March 31st. The collected money will be used for various help actions for children.

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Additional show in Munich?

It’s not listed in the tour plan yet. But if you believe the newsletter, German ticket website Eventim sent out earlier today, there’s an additional show in Germany planned. This would be the first show of the autumn leg. The show in the Olympiahalle in Munich is listed for the 11th of October. The ticket sale starts tomorrow at 9 am.

Source: Eventim Newsletter

UPDATE, 18/03/: The ticket sale started one hour ago and Munich is not on the list anymore. So maybe it’s simply not confirmed yet or Eventim just got wrong information.

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Some news from Greece: Roxette promotion at full speed!

Kostas Soldatos from Greece sent us some interesting facts about Roxette in the charts and promotion of the concert in Athens the upcoming May 27th 2011.

As you can see on RockFM, Roxette is on #3 on the radio playlists charts. Furthermore, “Charm School” was album of the week on KissFM.

Promotion for the show Roxette will play in Athens can be seen everywhere. Here are examples of the bus promo campaign and promo posters. More pictures can be found on Kostas Flickr.

And here are two hilarious videos promoting the concert.

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Another sold out show: no more tickets for Neckarsulm

After only a few weeks the Roxette concert in Neckarsulm – Audi Rock/Pop Festival – is sold out, at least temporarily.

Check it out at Eventim.

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Additional date in South Africa added to Roxette’s world tour 2011

South Africa seems to be very interested in Roxette. Besides the “Best of” special edition and adding additional dates some weeks ago, today yet another date, May 17th, has been added in Sun City, making it the 4th date in this city and 7th for South Africa.

Tickets are already on sale on

You can find the rest of the dates on our World Tour 2011 page.


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World Tour 2011: Riga, Latvia – March 16 #08

We need your help. The whole Roxette World Tour 2011 will be covered with such topics. If you find something connected with this particular part of the tour, post it in the comment section and we will add it to the article. Thanks for your help and cooperation!

Riga, Latvia, March 16th

Articles and photos

Concert: | |

We got these wonderful pictures from Oskars Kupše from Latvia. You can find the rest on his website Rock’n’, he told us that more pictures will be uploaded later today.

More photos by Oskars can be found here now.



By pnkrock3r: various snippets of the whole concert in one video

By J0ns71:  9 videos from It Must Have Been Love until the end of the show. Videos are from far away but the sound is fine. Fading Like A Flower, How Do You Do!/Dangerous, Joyride, Spending My Time, The Look, Way Out, Listen To Your Heart, Church Of Your Heart

By Saifermatt: Sleeping In My Car

By vkuvideos (including the end of Dressed For Success): Dressed For Success

By Evijz (bad sound quality):  Listen To Your Heart

By Cone007: Spending My Time


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First number of Swedish magazine StyleBy includes a story about Marie Fredriksson

The first number of new Swedish fashion magazine StyleBy, which hits the streets today, features a fashion reportage about Marie Fredriksson’s style through the years as well a short interview with her. In the pages various models wear 10 of her outfits, with a comment to each piece by Marie.

Jonna Bergh, editor in chief and publisher of StyleBy, told us that Marie has stored all her outfits in a huge wardrove, “it was like a fashion museum!”.

The magazine is also available as a free app for iPad called StyleBy+. You can buy the magazine via this app, which includes a very cool photo of Marie which is not in the screenshots below.

StyleBy gave us permission to post screenshots of the article. A translation of Marie’s comments will be available in short!

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And the winners of a copy of “She’s got nothing on” promo single are…

The 10 lucky winners of our contest where you could win a copy of “She’s Got Nothing On” promo single have been randomly picked among all participants who sent us the correct answers.

Here they are!

Ognian Dimitrov
Peter Silaj
Christopher Jankunas
Zoltan Soós
Daniel Eni
Carolin Hartwig
Valeria Zvarova
Mark Kusters
Birgit Süßkraut
Daniel Alvedahl

Thanks for participating and for passing by, we really appreciate your support and input!

PS: The singles will be sent latest next week (as well as the guitar picks we gave away in January. Sorry, no time, my fault!).

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Additional tour dates in Germany in Autumn!

Live Nation has sent out the first dates of the additional dates which will be added to the Roxette World Tour 2011. The dates are, so far, for Germany and Spain (already known) only.

“The concerts have been great so far,” tells Per Gessle. “Marie and the band are in top form and the response of the audience has been incredible. And it is also great that the new album has been received like this. We are very happy and look forward to this exciting year!”

2011.10.13 – TUI Arena – Hannover, Germany
2011.10.14 – Gerry Weber Stadion – Halle (Westfalen), Germany
2011.10.16 – SAP Arena – Mannheim, Germany
2011.10.17 – Schleyerhalle – Stuttgart, Germany
2011.10.19 – König-Pilsner Arena – Oberhausen, Germany
2011.10.24 – O2-World – Berlin, Germany
2011.10.25 – O2-World – Hamburg, Germany
2011.10.27 – Arena Nürnberg – Nuremberg, Germany
2011.11.18 – Palacio Vistalegre – Madrid, Spain – pre-sale starts March 16, normal sale March 18
2011.11.19 – Sant Jordi Club – Barcelona, Spain – pre-sale starts March 16, normal sale March 18

Information about ticket sales in Germany is still not available.

In addition, apparently Live Nation Spain has cancelled the Golden Ring tickets which were announced last week, so currently only the normal tickets (49 EUR) are listed on the website.

More dates to come, hopefully in other countries and Stockholm too! For the complete tour agenda so far, visit our World Tour 2011 page!

Update: Tickets for Germany will go on sale this Friday, March 18 at 9 in the morning.

A short note about releases: The interest in the countries where “Charm School” hasn’t been released yet is very high. However, the album won’t contain the same track list in all countries. For example, China has forbidden Roxette to release “Sleeping In My Car” due to the sexual content. Therefore the live version of this song, which is included in the Deluxe version of “Charm School”, will be excluded.

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More dates in Europe and other countries to be added to the Roxette World Tour 2011

In addition to the 2 dates in Spain, which were announced on Friday, we are expecting the rest of the tour dates to be announced in short. Per Gessle mentioned in various interviews in February that 25 more dates would be added to the tour.

Just like in November, when the tour was announced, Per Gessle told via his Facebook website that there would be more news “on March 14th.” However, yesterday afternoon he wrote this update:

No big press release today due to circumstances beyond our control. Anyway, between you and me, it was all about a six-week extension of the Rox tour, taking place between X and Y. More info will follow shortly I’m sure.

Cheers, P.

These are the dates we know so far:

– 16 October – Mannheim, Germany (not confirmed!!)
– 18 November – Madrid, Spain – tickets go on pre-sale March 16th and normal sale on March 18th.
– 19 November – Barcelona, Spain -tickets go on pre-sale March 16th and normal sale on March 18th.

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World Tour 2011: Vilnius, Lithuania – March 14 #07

We need your help. The whole Roxette World Tour 2011 will be covered with such topics. If you find something connected with this particular part of the tour, post it in the comment section and we will add it to the article. Thanks for your help and cooperation!

So far we have a lot of material for each concert so we will keep on adding an article per concert.

Vilnius, Lithuania, March 14th


Photos and articles

Article about the concert on (Lithuanian) |  Interview with Per Gessle on | Pictures of Roxette arriving in Lithuania



By 200Katinu: Wish I Could Fly

By TheDimacheban: How Do You Do! until Joyride.

By Julemanas1234: Fading Like A Flower

By Onlypinkcolours: Joyride (bad quality)

By Senizzs: Dressed For Success

By Rengrb: It Must Have Been Love

By jcorrius: Dressed For Success, The Big L, It Must Have Been Love, Fading Like A Flower, How Do You Do! and Dangerous, Joyride, The Look, She’s Got Nothing On

10,000 people in the audiance – the second show with standing places in front of the stage.

Roxette rehearsed “Stars” in the sound check. Three times!

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Norwegian band accuses Roxette of plagiarism

According to an article on Norwegian newspapers Dagbladet and Side2,  the Norwegian band Hollywood Vampires claims Roxette has stolen parts of their song “She Had Nothing On But the Radio”, which was released in 2008. According to the singer of the band Paul E. Vercouteren, these parts can be found in Roxette’s latest single “She’s Got Nothing On (But the Radio)”.

“It is weird that another band is earning money on the chorus we wrote,” tells Vercourteren to Dagbladet. Vercourteren claims that besides the chorus, the bass rythm and guitar chords are similar as well, and that all in all, the song is “too similar to be a coincidence”.

The norwegian band is now considering if they take any legal steps against Roxette or not.

Here’s the link to Hollywood Vampires song. What do you think? Personally, to me this song sounds like Green Day.

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Roxette highest new entry on UK Radio Airplay Charts this week

Update March 21, 2011:

“She’s Got Nothing On” up to #26! on UK Radio Airplay Charts.

Thanks Chris for the tip.

Published March 14, 2011 – 13:12

Roxette entered the UK Radio Airplay Charts with “She’s Got Nothing On (But The Radio)” at #31, the highest new entry of the week!

The song started out last week on Radio 2’s A-List and several programmes frequently played it. It still remains on the A-List for a second week running! Fans also report hearing it on Radio 1 as well as local commercial radio stations!

The new album “Charm School” sees a release in the UK on March 28th with both the regular and the deluxe album being already available for pre-order from online stores! All fans want now is that UK tour date!

Andreas Weizbauer contributed to this article.

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