Norwegian Roxette concert is almost sold-out

As informs, Norwegian gig which will take place in Bergen on June 9th, 2011 is almost sold-out. Almost 6,500 tickets were sold in just 3 days. It does not necessary mean that the additional concert will be added. The organizators consider moving the gig to Koengen.

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Roxette in Bulgaria and Romania in May

Another 2 dates on Roxette 2011 World Tour.

This time it’s Sofia, capital of Bulgaria, which gets a Roxette concert on May 29th and Bucharest, Romania, on May 30th (Marie’s birthday!!!). It seems like new concert dates will be available very soon.

Tickets for Bulgaria will be sold via from November 15.

Source: bTV | Livenation

Thanks to Emil Ivanov and Evgeny Perekopskiy for this information.

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New Roxette album is fixed!

As Per Gessle informed via Twitter/Facebook, Roxette’s new studio album has finally been mastered at Sterling Sound in New York City. That’s the final big production step before mass duplication. The album will include 12 songs.

Per previously reported that Roxette have recorded 16 songs, so the rest could reach our ears as b-sides or bonus tracks. Even more songs have been written and tested for this album but didn’t make it to the final production.

The definite release date has not been announced yet. The rough time frame is 1st quarter of 2011.

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New Helena Josefsson’s album on the way

This is what you can read on Helena’s homepage

Welcome to

Helena´s second solo album is on it´s way. The site is being updated. Moohhoohaaahaaa…


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Roxette is no 1 in Poland

The sale for Warsaw gig (June 19th, 2011) has just started today at 10 AM CET. Thanks to huge media coverage, Roxette is no 1 on Top Ten charts at the moment. I do hope they will stay there untill the Warsaw gig will be sold-out :-)

Official media partners for Polish gig are:
– RMF FM, the most popular Polish radiostation (30% of shares)
– TVN, one of the biggest private televisions in Poland (18% of shares)
– SHOW – a gossip magazine, 445,000 copies sold every second week
– SWIAT KOBIETY – a monthly magazine for women with over 400,000 copies sale
– INTERIA.PL portal – used by 8,000,000 users

So, looking at media partners, future is bright (hopefully!) for Roxette gig in Poland.
If you want to buy your tickets, just visit website.

If you have any other “ticket sale story” to tell, just let us know in the comment section.

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Ask Per!

So now you have your own chance to ask Per Gessle about forthcoming album and world tour. Just write a question (or drop a line) in the comment section and we – RXB staff – will choose the best ones and will try to get a little more information on these issues from the Man.

Please, don’t ask Per if Roxette is going to visit your country/city, he’s an artist, not a touring agency. Thanks for your patience :-)

We are waiting for your questions till November 6th… so you have just 24 hours!

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Picture Of The First Ticket For 2011

Here’s a picture of the first ticket for the 2011 World Tour. Pre-Sale tickets went on sale this morning at 9am Swedish time over at Live Nation and despite telling myself I was unsure of where I was yet going (even if I was going to any at all, having not yet fully recovered from the last tour!) I couldn’t resist and bought two tickets for Gothenburg!

So here you are a picture of the first ticket! If any other fans out there would like to share snaps of the tickets as they buy them please get in touch with the team at the Roxette Blog!

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2011 Roxette World Tour ads


Flash ad


If you have any other ads, posters, clips, just inform us in the comment section.

Update: The German tour promoters website shows a poster: MLK

Official tour title seems to be ROXETTE – BACK WITH THEIR GREATEST HITS – 2011

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Ticket sale for German shows starts on saturday

According to several sources, the ticket sale for the German shows starts on this Saturday, 6 am.
Until now the shows are not listed at Germany’s biggest ticket site,  According to Swedish sources the sale for the Göteborg show starts on Monday and a ticket costs 450 SEK. has a note on their site telling about a Presale of special tickets starting tomorrow already. If you have any further information about tickets, sales, prices and more – let us know.

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Roxette World Tour 2011 – let’s help with the setlist again!

You may remember that we collected your song suggestions for the summer tour setlist. “Silver blue” ended up at #1 and the song was added to the setlist, even Per introduced the song on the concerts refering to the internet community and the song being our request.

Today, he wrote the following on Facebook: “Thanx for the super-duper-overwhelming response re the upcoming tour. Let’s find a proper setlist!!!”

So start writing down your wishes! It will work the same as last time:

  • you write down your own TOP 3 of Roxette’s songs you would like to hear on the concert(s?) in 2011 in the comments to this article
  • the # 1 in your list gets 3 points
  • # 2 – 2 points
  • # 3 – 1 point
  • in the end of November we will collect all the lists and make the final setlist.

Of course, it would be great if you could come up with some new and never-heard live songs, so we have a better chance one rare song is played live! So grab your Rox-collection and start digging ;)

Thanks :)

Update: And here are the results!

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Roxette trending topic on Twitter today

After the announcement of the world tour, the word “Roxette” was a trending topic on Twitter for some hours today. Here is the proof ;)

Thanks Dany for taking a picture of this moment.

If you want to know what Trending Topics are, there’s a short explanation on Wikipedia.

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Roxette announces world tour!

Live Nation sent a press release today announcing a Roxette world tour. Read yourself!

Roxette are setting off on a much anticipated world tour 2011. They kick off in Kazan, Russia March 1st and will cover at least four continents during the year. Marie Fredriksson and Per Gessle are returning to the world stage full of new enthusiasm after their six sold out concerts last summer. Roxette toured Europe in 2001. However, the last world tour took place in 1994-95 with the “Crash! Boom! Bang!” album.

Roxette is one of the world’s most successful hit machines. Their big break came in the late 80s with “The Look” from the album “Look Sharp!” Since then the band has ruled album and single charts all over the world with massive songs like “It Must Mave Been Love”, “Listen To Your Heart”, “Joyride”, “How Do You Do!”,“Dangerous”, “Fading Like A Flower”and “Dressed For Success”. Roxette have sold over 75 million albums and the epic songs “Listen To Your Heart” and “It Must Have Been Love” have each been played over 4 million times on US radio alone. For a period of four years in the 90s the band never left the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

‘If you’d asked me a couple of years ago,  if there would ever be a new Roxette tour I would have very quickly said “No!”,´ says singer, guitarist and songwriter Per Gessle. ‘Knowing what Marie (Fredriksson, lead vocalist) had to go through in recovering from her severe illness, this is not only unbelievable, it seems almost magical to me. It will be wonderful to meet all our audience on Planet Earth again.’

‘I’ve been longing and hoping for this since 2002. It makes me incredibly happy to know we’re going to meet our fans all around the world again,’ says Marie.

Besides the tour, Roxette fans can look forward to a brand new album in the first quarter of 2011.

Tour plan

01.3 Basket Hall, Kazan, Russia
03.3 MTL Arena, Samara, Russia
05.3 Palace of Sports, Yekaterinburg, Russia
07.3 Siberia Arena, Novosibirisk, Russia
10.3 Exhibition Center, Kiev, Ukraine
12.3 Minsk Arena, Minsk, Belarus
14.3 Siemens Arena, Vilnius, Lithuania
16.3 Riga Arena, Riga, Latvia
18.3 Saku Hall, Tallinn, Estonia

01.4 Viva Cuervo Salon, Mexico City, Mexico
04.4 Luna Park, Buenos Aires, Argentina
05.4 Luna Park, Buenos Aires, Argentina
08.4 Orfeo, Córdoba, Argentina
10.4 Movistar Arena, Santiago, Chile
12.4 Pepsi on Stage, Porto Alegre, Brazil
14.4 Credicard Hall, Sao Paulo, Brazil
16.4 Citibank Hall, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
17.4 Chevrolet Hall, Belo Horizonte, Brazil

11.5 Grand Arena, Cape Town, South Africa
14.5 The Superbowl, Sun City, South Africa
15.5 The Superbowl, Sun City, South Africa
20.5 World Trade Center, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

03.6 SeeFestTage, Schwarzlsee, Freizeitzentrum, Graz, Austria
05.6 O2 Arena, Prague, Czech Republic
09.6 Plenen, Bergen, Norway
11.6 Zitadelle, Berlin, Germany
12.6 Hessentag, Frankfurt, Germany
15.6 Völkerschlachtsdenkmal, Leipzig, Germany
16.6 Tanzbrunnen, Cologne, Germany
19.6 Torwar, Warsaw, Poland

09.7 Bospop Festival, Weert, Netherlands
16.7 Rowlit Festival, Nordkalks Dagbrot, Pargas, Finland
22.7 Tivoli, Copenhagen, Denmark
24.7 Trädgårdsföreningen, Gothenburg, Sweden
31.7 Suikerrock Festival, Tienen, Belgium

Dates to be added.

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First tour dates out: Poland and Lithuania.

Arnaldo Mariano Suarez found the first date of Roxette’s world tour 2011 on the web: March 14 at Siemens Arena in Vilnus, Lithuania. The information comes from the website Delfi. More dates are expected to be published today. Keep your eyes open and posting comments on this article.

December 31, 2010 – Lodz, Poland: open air New Year’s Eve Party
March 14, 2011- Vilnus, Lithuania. Location: Siemens Arena

Latest rumors reveal more *probable* dates:

1 March – Kazan Basket Hall, Russia
3 March – Samara MTL Arena, Russia
5 March – Ekaterinburg Palace of Sports, Russia
7 March – Novosibirsk Siberia Arena, Russia
……10 March – Kiev International Exhibition Center, Ukraine
12 March – Minsk Arena, Belarus
16 March – Riga Arena Riga, Latvia

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“Broken angel” featuring Helena Josefsson

A brand new Arash song featuring Helena Josefsson on the backing vocals.

Thanks to Evgeny Perekopskiy for this information.

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Marie and Mikael to perform on Citytunnel opening

Marie Fredriksson will perform together with her husband Micke Bolyos at the inauguration ceremony of Citytunneln, a 17-kilometer rail link between Malmö Central Station and the Öresund Bridge. As the grand finale, HM King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden will officially open the tunnel for traffic. The ceremony will be held next to the Malmö Central Station on December 4 and is free to the public.

Other artists performing at the ceremony include Nisse Hellberg, Timbuktu, and Ola Salo.

Thanks to Evgeny Perekopskiy for this information.

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