Roxette to take part in Norwegian festival in Tromsø

Organizators of Døgnvillfestivalen in the Northern Norwegian city of Tromsø announced that Roxette is set to perform during this year’s festival. The festival takes place between the 1st and 3rd September and Roxette is said to perform on Thursday (September 1st). This makes the 4th Roxette concert in Norway this year and the 69th (!!!) on the World Tour 2011 schedule.

The festival’s director Hogne Rundeberg said:

This is one of the bands on the list of ultimate bookings for us and we are looking forward to this historic event. We have a tradition to have great artists with us and this concert is a guaranteed singalong – in the same way as the a-ha’s gig last year.

Other Swedish artists like Robyn, Veronica Maggio or The Cardigans are going to perform there as well. It is the third largest festival in Norway with over 13,000 people participating.

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Roxette is back on Billboard… Concert Box Score Charts

Time For Fun agency, that organized recent Roxette shows in Latin America, shared with the sale information for the chosen South American shows – in Brazil and Chile. Billboard Concert Box Score Chart lists the world’s top concert sales with information on ticket prices, sellouts, venues and promoters.

Roxette managed to place 6 gigs into the Billboard’s 258 biggest concerts of April and May 2011. No data regarding Russian/European, Uruguayan or Argentinian dates is available.

# 15
April 14, 19, 2011
Credicard Hall
Sao Paulo, Brazil

Gross sales: $1,134,020
Attend / capacity: 13,351 / 14,126
Shows / sell-outs: 2 / 0
Prices: $219.63, $56.48
Promoters: T4F-Time For Fun

# 37
April 9, 2011
Movistar Arena
Santiago, Chile

Gross sales: $680,420
Attend / capacity: 10,460 / 12,311
Shows / sell-outs: 1 / 0
Prices: $105.24, $30.31
Promoters: T4F-Time For Fun

# 41
April 16, 2011
Citibank Hall
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Gross sales: $594,871
Attend / capacity: 7,959 / 7,959
Shows / sell-outs: 1 / 1
Prices: $171.03, $95.01
Promoters: T4F-Time For Fun

# 51
April 12, 2011
Pepsi On Stage
Porto Alegre, Brazil

Gross sales: $415,637
Attend / capacity: 5,772 / 7,154
Shows / sell-outs: 1 / 0
Prices: $190.05, $57.01
Promoters: T4F-Time For Fun

# 56
April 17, 2011
Chevrolet Hall
Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Gross sales: $384,832
Attend / capacity: 4,681 / 5,438
Shows / sell-outs: 1 / 0
Prices: $127.14, $89
Promoters: T4F-Time For Fun


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World Tour 2011: Buenos Aires #1 Video Bootleg

Thanx for a super evening last night in B.A.! Wonderful crowd and band, two perfect hours. Played Stars for the first time in a while. Great fun! Look forward to Part Two tonight!!!!!!

A big thank you to Eloy Mathesan from Argentina.

Dressed for success
Sleeping in my car
The Big L.
Wish I Could Fly
Only When I Dream
She’s Got Nothing On (But the Radio)
Perfect Day
Things Will Never Be The Same
It Must Have Been Love
Opportunity Nox
Fading Like a Flower (Every Time You Leave)
How Do You Do!
Band Intro
Watercolours in the Rain

Spending My Time
The Look

Way Out
Listen to Your Heart
Church of Your Heart

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VH1’s “Classic Roxette”

On Monday, May 30th – Marie Fredriksson’s birthday and Roxette’s Bucharest gig – VH1 Classic will broadcast “Classic Roxette” show where you will be able to watch clips from the Roxette’s fascinating career. Sometimes VH1 picks up some really rare performances, so there is a tiny chance you will see something you would have never thought of. Rerun of the programme is planned at 13:00 CET on May 31st.

19:30 CET
Each episode we spotlight the classic, defining moments from a particular artist, genre or year.


Thanks to Marcin R. Nowicki at Polish Roxette Facebook page.

Sun City press conference: over 50,000 people saw Roxette in South Africa

On news of the band returning to the country for a series of shows, fans quickly flocked to ticketing offices to make sure they got to see one of the world’s most loved bands on South African soil. The response was overwhelmingly positive, prompting organisers to add more dates to the tour. The result? Seven sold out shows in South Africa alone. Ahead of the show, the band’s Per Gessle said they really weren’t expecting such a response.

Watch an interview with Per Gessle

With the industry moving into a digital environment with fans downloading albums and using social media as a means to find out more about their favourite stars, Gessle says he too has embraced the new media craze.

I have a 13 year old son. If you told him I was interested in new media, he would probably laugh in your face. It all comes down to the fact that I always wanted to be in control of my music. I remember in the old days in the 80s when you had fan clubs. It was always terrible because there was always someone else running them. There was no money involved, nobody wanted to be involved. It’s just so easy using Facebook for instance. I have my iPhone and a take pictures. It’s just a fantastic thing for a fan to see that level of access.

More from the press conference

“Way out” available on

It seems like the tracklisting for “Way out” single will be slightly diffrent from the one that was presented before. “Way out” will be released in the radio edit, which is said to be shorter with 2 seconds from the album version (2:43 comparing to 2:45). Crash!Boom!Bang!/Anyone from Brussel will last for 6:21.


Thanks to The Real Roxers.

Bucharest: Roxette’s too loud? The 8-meter wall is being built

Organizators of the first Roxette Romanian concert in Bucharest do not want to disturb too many people and they have already started building a sound wall that would protect people living in the area from loud noices. Zone Arena, where Roxette will perform on May 30th, will be surrounded by a protective wall, 8 meters high and 100 meters long.

It is also said that the venue can take over 30,000 people which would make this Bucharest date till the biggest concert during the Roxette’s World Tour 2011.

After all Ms Fredriksson’s birthday should be loud!

Source: Stirile Pro TV,

Per Gessle: We will keep performing as long as there are people who want to see us.

Per Gessle, while his stay in South Africa, did a couple of interviews for Dubai press. Here’s another one.

We have done 19 shows so far and have many more to come. We will keep performing as long as there are people who want to see us. It is what we want to do, both for us and our fans.

Gessle laughed when asked about Dubai.

I’ve heard it’s pretty hot. That’s about it. I have friends who live there who are always asking us to visit, so it’ll be nice to see them. Although they want to take us to lots of very fancy restaurants, I’m just not sure we’re going to have the time. We can’t wait to experience something new.

There are still hundreds of people waiting to greet us at airports around the world. The support of people is unreal. They are what keep us going. Quite often I have ‘pinch me’ moments. Sometimes, 30 seconds before I walk on stage I have that moment when I can’t believe what is happening. How lucky we are.

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Journalist: “I feel like I should hug you”; Per Gessle: “Please, do!”

Swedish pop group Roxette’s fans showed their undying support when the dates for the South African leg of the Charm School tour were announced, making sure every show was sold out. Top Billing caught up with Per Gessel, the male part of this well loved duo and a award winning musician in his own right. We find out about his and partner Marie Frederikson’s love for Cape Town and what his favorite Roxette song is. Watch this episode to find out the inside scoop, like how hit single, It must have been love was originally written as a Christmas song.

Anyone who knows how to watch the whole episode?


Per Gessle: I’m pretty quick compared to my wife

The United Arab Emirates has recently published a short interview with Per Gessle regarding coming Roxette’s concert in Dubai on May 20th.

Do you enjoy playing your old tunes?
To tell you the truth, I hate rehearsing it, but I love to play it for the crowd, because as soon as you have them in front of you it turns into magic.

You’ve been together for so long. What’s your secret to longevity?
We just enjoy working together. The same goes for the musicians we have with us. We have had the same producer since we made the first record and we’re enjoying ourselves.

So, no bust-ups?
We’re human, and of course we have our fights, but at the end of the day we have the same ambition and we just enjoy being together.

Finally – be honest! – how long does it take you to get ready for a night out?
It takes about 15 minutes. I’m pretty quick compared to my wife!


What Having struck an emotional chord with anyone who’s seen Pretty Woman (i.e. everyone), Swedish duo Roxette are coming to Dubai as part of their Worldwide Tour 2011. Expect to sing along to the likes of Joyride and Dressed for Success, as well as tracks from their latest album Charm School.
When< May 20 Where Shaikh Rashid Hall, Dubai World Trade Centre
How Tickets cost Dh300 (silver standing), Dh450 (gold standing), Dh550 (platinum seating). For more information, call 04 447 3863

Thanks to David Di Troia.