Interview with Magnus Börjeson: “We just want to have fun on stage.”

Kirsten and Judith met Magnus Börjeson a few hours before the concert in Halmstad to talk about his career as musician and how he sees Roxette at the moment. We picked him up at the station and sat down at the station café to chat. It was actually us who wanted to know more about him, but he started asking about us:

Magnus: So where are you from? Germany?

Judith: I come from Spain, live in Austria.

Kirsten: Germany.

M: So when you are not Roxette fans, what are you doing for a living?

J: I work as project manager in a bank.

M: And you?

K: I am a journalist.

M: For a newspaper..?

K: Yes, for a local newspaper, sports mainly.

M: Where is that?

K: North of Frankfurt.

J: What are you doing, when you don’t work with Roxette or Per?

M: I do music, that’s all I do. Haha! In different shapes and kinds, I do a lot of music for films and TV commercials, that’s what I’ve done the last couple of years.

J: Could you explain us how did you get into music?

M: I started playing when I was a kid with my neighbour, we played in his basement. Then I had a band at school. I had a lot of bands, I had a band called Beagle in the early 90ies, we had two albums out, that’s the first time we really had a record deal.

K: I saw the videos from that time, they are funny.

M: Yeah, we did a lot of videos. It was the age of the video. And yes, they were fun. I had a lot of hair then.

K: It looks better now anyway.

M: haha, thank you! I think so too. That was like my first real major thing. We signed with Polar, which was ABBA’s record company. We were at ABBA’s manager’s to sign the deal, everything was very intense. It was really fun for a couple of years. Then it wasn’t fun anymore, so we quit.

K: Can you really make a living from music?

M: yes, I do. I’ve done since then. It’s a lot of work; I’m into a lot of things. But I cannot imagine doing anything else, I have always wanted to do this since I started playing, so I couldn’t think of anything else to do. That would be horrible.

J: How many instruments do you play?

M: I play bass and guitar, and some keyboards. I started playing drums when I was a kid, that was my first instrument.


K: Do you still play drums?
M: I know how to play, but you know, when you haven’t played for a while, you get very bad. But give me six months and I think I would manage.

J: So you mentioned you don’t do anything else but music, meaning you also compose your own stuff?

M: yes, that’s what I do when I am not touring or doing something with other artists. I compose a lot of music for films.

J: Do you prefer to play live or studio?

M: Well, both. I love to play live, I think it’s funny, you can show off a bit, be a rock musician, haha! But I work a lot in the studio as well, I have my own little studio at home, so I work there every day and I enjoy that immensely too.

K: You mentioned music for films, can you tell us about this film you presented in Cannes?

M: We’ve been working long on this project. We first made a short film, which you can find on YouTube. It was about six drummers breaking into an apartment and starting to play songs. We did that in 2000, with a couple of friends of mine who made short movies at that time. And then a French production company suggested we should make a feature film about this. So we started about four years ago and we just finished before Cannes, where we presented it. It’s called “Music for one apartment and six drummers” and it’s going to have its premiere in Sweden and France this December.

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Per Gessle in SVT’s “The Seventies: 1975″

Per Gessle was interviewed for the Swedish public chanell SVT’s “The Seventies” series. He talked about his youth inspirations including punk music and Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.

More at SVT Play.

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Evgeny: “I was thinking about how Marie would manage to conquer the wild wind”

The story of Stavanger gig from our Russian reader – Evgeny Perekopskiy.

It all started some months ago, when I happened to get one of the last tickets to the Stavanger gig. I was shocked at the price of postage (nearly 10 euros) and if you know how fast our Russian post is, then, without a doubt, you will understand me how nervously I was waiting for my ticket to arrive.

After one month (!) it arrived. But then Laura (an Argentinean fan) asked me if I could find her one more ticket, so I started to look for one for her. I found, here on RoxetteBlog, an advertisement from Csaba, a
Hungarian fan, offering a VIP ticket. So I contacted him and got it. Then all I had to do was wait for the moment to come…

On August 20th, I had to take four (!!!) flights to reach Stavanger and this I did :) Csaba met me in Stavanger and gave me my ticket. Next morning I went to meet Laura who was staying at the Radisson Blue Atlantic Hotel. When I met her, she said that Marie and Per were also staying there. What a nice coincidence! :) Later in the lobby I met two German fans, Tina and Anja, and three Argentinean fans, Silvana, Lionel and his wife Brenda. We were sitting and waiting for someone from rox related to come. Soon Oscar and Josefin came to the receptionist to order breakfast. Oscar recognized me and we chatted a bit.

Then it was midday. We needed to go to Randaberg to get in line. But prior to our departure to this village, we met Mikael Bolyos. He wished us a great time and to enjoy the gig. When we arrived in Randaberg, I found a lonely Roxette poster where Marie and Per’s faces were blue because the poster was a bit old. I thought that their faces had became blue because of the cold Norwegian climate ;)

When we reached the Viste beach, we noticed some Spanish and Norwegian fans. Some minutes later, the
security woman asked us to move to another area because Roxette were going to rehearse. When we moved, we saw Per arriving with his wife Åsa. Per was holding a bunch of red roses. They were for Åsa, of course, to celebrate their 17th wedding anniversary. Roxette started their rehearsal at around 4 o’clock. They played: ‘The Big L.’, ‘Opportunity Nox’, ‘Fading like a flower’, ‘Silver Blue’, ‘Church of your heart’, ‘7twenty7′ and ‘Dressed for success’. After they finished rehearsing, the security team made four entrances, two for VIP visitors and two for ordinary ticket holders.

At 5.30 pm they opened the gates and fans ran as fast as they could. Luckily, I was standing near the front of Marie’s micro. Then I went to see what they served for VIP guests. There were some salads; fruit, fried meat, delicious shrimp and other dishes. I had some food and took some bananas for my friends who were sitting on the front row :) The support act – Paperboys – a Norwegian hip-hop band started to play at around seven o’clock. They played very well and I saw the audience liked them a lot and knew the lyrics singing along the whole session.

The clouds became grayer and grayer. It was damn cold and windy. I wasn’t thinking about myself, I was thinking about how Marie would manage to conquer the wild wind. Roxette went on stage at around nine in the evening.

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“BEST OF ROXETTE – OFFICIAL SONG BOOK” (previously known as “Best of Roxette”) is due for release next month by Swedish publishing company Gehrmans Musikförlag. Gehrmans Musikförlag wants to present this book during Gothenburg Book Fair (September 23rd-26th) and then to start distirbuting it a week later. Furthemore, the book got a new cover – designers used the backdrop picture from 2010 Roxette tour.

The book is designed as the 2010 remasters. You can see a sample page with “Fading like a flower” notes here. There will be 30 Roxette songs of which 11 were never published in this form before.

The book will cost around 300-400 SEK in Sweden and will include many Roxette pictures as well as new liner notes from Per Gessle.

You can order the new version of this song book on Gehrmans’ website –

Source: Gehrmans Musikförlag

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Tour 2010: Randaberg/Stavanger, August 21st

We need your help. Each and every concert will have such a topic. If you find something connected with this particular gig, post it in the comment section. Thanks for your help and cooperation!


1. Dressed for success
2. Sleeping in my car
3. Oppurtunity nox
4. The Big L.
5. Wish I could fly
6. She doesn’t live here anymore
7. 7twenty7
8. Perfect Day
9. Things will never be the same
10. It must have been love
11. Silver blue (in one of the articles called “Kiss me”)
12. Fading like a flower
13. How do you do
14. Dangerous
15. Joyride

16. Listen to your heart
17. The look
18. Church of your heart

Fan stories

Evgeny Perekopskiy – the whole story of Norwegian concert

The gig was wild, the surroundings were wild, the wind was wild, but the fans were wilder. When Roxette started to play ‘How do you do!’ proclaiming it a hit from back in 1992, it started to rain. The rain was so cold and so intense. We had no time to put on raincoats because we didn’t want to waste time on wearing useless raincoats. When Roxette played ‘Dangerous’, it was the rain which was dangerous for our health. But who cared? Marie was wearing a scarf. I don’t think it helped her to keep warm. Per was merely wearing a shirt. I was screaming: ‘Fuck the rain’, some other fans screamed it too. ;)

While Marie, Per and the band played ‘Fading like a flower’, the whole audience screamed: It’s such a cold
cold town! It was damn true… The show was so emotional because we, the fans, supported Roxette as much
as we could. I saw Marie concentrating on Laura’s eyes while Miss Bolyos was singing ‘Silver Blue’. She sang it perfectly, without changing words or forgetting the lines. Even if she did, who cared? Not me.


Dressed for success / Sleeping in my car / Opportunity nox (from Fittzar)

Photos |

Roxette’s comments

Media reports (the audianc before the gig) | (pictures + setlist) | (review – quite fair if you ask me)


8,000 people in the audiance in a sold-out show. There were no Gessle’s solo tracks this time and no “(I’m not your) Steppin’ stone”. The rain was pouring down during the show and it was quite cold that evening – Marie wore a scarf. After the show people had problems with leaving the venue due to the traffic jam. Only three police cars were on the place.

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Interview with Christoffer Lundquist on Sydsvenskan

Andreas Ekström has interviewed Christoffer Lundquist for Swedish newspaper Sydsvenskan.

On the interview Christoffer explains about the tour with Roxette this summer, but also talks about more philosophical existencial questions like egoism, which he thinks is the most difficult question is his life right now. “How to live one’s life without affecting others,” he tells Andreas Ekström.  He mentions, as an example, how to be sure that the food he buys at the supermarked hasn’t been harvested by slave children.

Talking about Roxette’s new album, he reveals that “Marie sings better than ever to my ears.”

You can read this very interesting interview following  this link.

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Meet & greet in Halmstad on August 14th

So yes, it did happened. The Daily Roxette with organized a little meet and greet with Roxette just after Roxette’s concert in Halmstad on August 14th. If you were at Leif’s Lounge on August 13th, you had a chance to win this unforgettable occasion to meet Marie and Per and see a little bif of the backstage.

Here’s the little clip from the meeting.

It’s not perfect, I know, but well, I hope at least that you enjoyed it.

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The stage in Stavanger, Norway is ready for Roxette published 4 pictures from Viste Stranden in Randaberg where Roxette will perform a sold-out gig for over 8,000 people on Saturday, August 21st. The only problem that the organizors might have is weather. There are reports of anything from rain to sun. The most optimistic forecast says it will be a fine weather, 17 degrees. Let’s hope that it will be the same situation as it was in Halmstad.

Source & pictures:

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Roxette’s “The look” in Rock Band 3

Eurogamer has revealed 10 more songs that will make it to Rock Band 3, artists like Bob Marley, Roxette and Slipknot join eclectic groups like the Mexican band Maná and German band Tokio Hotel.

With these 10 tracks, the list of known songs in the game adds up to about 40, which is about half of the 83 to be included on the disc. The game is set to comes out on October 26th this year. Here’s the list of the 10 more songs:

* Bob Marley & The Wailers — “Get Up, Stand Up”
* INXS — “Need You Tonight”
* Poni Hoax — “Antibodies”
* Rammstein — “Du Hast”
* Roxette — “The Look”
* Tokio Hotel — “Humanoid”
* HIM — “Killing Loneliness”
* Maná — “Oye Mi Amor”
* Slipknot — “Before I Forget”
* War — “Low Rider”


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Check Gehrmans Musikförlag’s Twitter out!

“Best of Roxette” sheet book will be released in Sweden on September 1st. Gehrmans Musikförlag will publish the titles of songs that will make it to the book on its Twitter.

We will shortly start releasing the song titles for the #Roxette book one by one here on Twitter. Stay tuned!

Source: Gehrmans Musikförlag’s Twitter

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“Kung av Tylösand” exhibition in Söndrum

Arrival in Halmstad and one day left until the show. Fortunately we read about the “Kung av Tylösand” exhibition in Söndrum’s library and decided to go there. We saw around 30-40 pictures from the past – mostly from Per’s solo tour in 2003 and the Crash!Boom!Bang tour in 1994 – taken by Dan Karlsson.

Fortunately we didn’t have to pay any entrance fee because it wouldn’t have been worth it. The pictures didn’t reveal any new motives, persons, situations – whatever. So after we saw five or six we knew there wouldn’t be anything new to watch and laughed about the fact that they sold the photos for 1200 SEK (more expensive pictures cost 3000 SEK). I could win a contest promising that every long-term-fan has better photos on his/her computer. For those who couldn’t go: you didn’t miss a thing – maybe a good laugh about the high and totally unrealistic prices. If you have any good Gessle photos on your compter you should try to sell them somewhere, you could maybe make a killing..

Here you see some pictures taken at the exhibition by myself.

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Tour 2010: Halmstad, August 14h

Published August 13th, edited August 17th and August 21st

We need your help. Each and every concert will have such a topic. If you find something connected with this particular gig, post it in the comment section. Thanks for your help and cooperation!

* Dressed For Success
* Sleeping In My Car
* Opportunity Nox
* Wish I Could Fly
* She Doesn’t Live Here Anymore
* 7Twenty7
* Perfect Day
* Things Will Never Be The Same
* It Must Have Been Love
* The Big L
* Silver Blue
* Fading Like a Flower
* How Do You Do!
* Dangerous
* Joyride

* Listen To Your Heart
*The Look

Extra II (with Gyllene Tider):
* Juni, juli, augusti (GT)
* Sommartider (GT)
* När alla vännerna gått hem (Roxette and GT)

Fan stories


by MrSugardad: The Look, Dangerous, Sommartider, by TicoTorres: Things will never be the same, by Legenden81:  The Look, Sommartider, Juni juli augusti, by Paalm: Dressed for success, It must have been love, by flygaruffe: Juni juli augusti

Since there are lots of videos to this show, we won’t post all of them here. Just read the comments from our users (thanks for helping us out with searching for links!!!) below, or go to R2R’s forum topic “Live in Halmstad”, user Russian has posted an endless list of videos :)


Roxette’s comments

Thanx for yesterday. A truly magic night that we’ll never forget. Rox were great, GT were great, the crowd was awesome!!!! Cheers, P.

Media reports

Big Hallandsposten interview with Per, you can find the translation on DailyRoxette | Halmstad is dressed for success | Video report from the queue from Hallandsposten | Reviews:  Sydsvenskan, Sydsvenskan Blog, Lahomstidning, Aftonbladet, HD, BT


The issue with the tickets seems to have been solved, as articles report everybody got in.

Gyllene Tider joined Roxette on stage during the second extra and as you can see above, performed Juni, juli, augusti and Sommartider, to then be joined by Marie and Roxette’s band to play “När alla vännerna gått hem.

This must have been the concert with more international fans in the audience. There were at least 80, surely front row. Per spoke a special greeting for them, in English.

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Fans Gather at Leifs & Make The Front Page of Hallandsposten

On Friday evening about 90 fans gathered at Leif’s Lounge to warm up before the concert in Halmstad. What started out as a ‘small gathering’ of fans and an idea of ‘shall we meet for drinks and a chat’ turned into something rather quite special.

One of the highlights of the evening was when Hallandsposten came along to talk to some of the fans and take a fabulous group picture of those of us who attended the meet and greet!

When Hallandsposten arrived around 8pm – 9pm there were around 50 people on the scene but an hour or so later we had around 90 people in Leif’s, most people enjoying food from the Roxette Menu and drinking Leif’s Beer! (Just how cool are those bottles!)

The next morning on the front of Hallandsposten a picture taken outside Leif’s appeared on the front page, which you can see on Hallandsposten (or all the other websites/FB photo galleries which used it as well). Of course, some of us took the chance to take a group picture, like  Kirsten did. We would be happy if those who took a private photo of the fan-group would send it to us to post it here! I know there were some, cannot remember WHO.

We’re hoping we didn’t keep the band and Mrs F awake to long with the late night partying!
I’ll add some more pictures from the evening when I am home tomorrow, and I am sure one of the other Roxetteblog editors will shortly write about the fabulous contest that was held at Leif’s that evening!

A translation of the article is no longer available since we were requested by Hallandsposten to remove it.

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C’mon Join The Fan Meeting Fun In Halmstad!

Update Friday 13 August: don’t forget! See you at Leif’s tonight! The party starts today :)

Hotel Tylösand confirmed there will be a special Roxette menu (different meals to choose from) today and tomorrow. I also asked them to play extra Rox&Co music tonight, I was told it would be done :) /J

Published on July 30th:

As many of you know since Roxette announced their plans to now perform in fabulous Halmstad instead of Anderstorp many fans that were not going are now going. So Halmstad is without a doubt going to be one big party fest! So in order to get the party started for Saturday evening, some fans came up with the idea to organise an unofficial meet & greet event at Leif’s Lounge in Hotel Tylösand on Friday August 13th, if you have not had the pleasure to check out the charming place that is Leif’s Lounge then now is your chance to come on down and meet some of the other fans, check out the fabulous Roxette memorabilia that is on display and buy a drink in the bar to increase Per’s profits! :)

We’re currently waiting to hear back on whether or not they will put on the special Roxette menu for the evening, for that there has to be more than 25 people… we expect more than 25 somehow! ;)

So C’mon join the joyride everybody…

Poster designed by the fabulous Dany who is currently somewhere in the sky on her way to Sweden!

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The Roxette (or Per’s pre show mix tape!) List 2010

I asked Per on Twitter yesterday if we could know the songs that were played before the concert from his pre-mix tape, as there were a few I spotted being British and growing up in a world of 60’s music (mostly Northern my Dad hailing from Liverpool!)… and the list appeared late last night, so hear it is!

KICKS by Paul Revere & The Raiders
SURFIN’ BIRD by The Trashmen
TEENAGE KICKS by The Undertones
HOT LOVE by T. Rex
* WASHINGTON SQUARE by The Village Stompers
JOLENE by The White Stripes
MY BABY LOVES LOVIN’ by The White Plains
SON OF A PREACHER MAN by Dusty Springfield
A GROOVY KIND OF LOVE by Mindbenders
MMM MMM MMM MMM by Crash Test Dummies
MY SWEET LORD by George Harrison
GIVING IT ALL AWAY by Roger Daltrey
GREEN TAMBOURINE by The Lemon Pipers
1-2-3 by LEN BARRY
ECHO BEACH by Martha & The Muffins

* TICKET TO RIDE by The Beatles
PLEASE MR POSTMAN by The Marvelettes
JESSIE’S GIRL by Rick Springfield
MO’REEN by The Mascots
TRETTIFYRAN by Nisse Hellberg
SUNDAY MORNIN’ COMIN’ DOWN by Kris Kristofferson
TAINTED LOVE by Gloria Jones
LOLA by The Kinks
* MUSTANG SALLY by Sir Mack Rice
LITTLE BIT O’SOUL by The Music Explosion
SHOPPING by Pet Shop Boys
COTTON JENNY by Gordon Lightfoot
* YOU WON’T BE HAPPY by Paul Collins’ Beat
MIDNIGHT RIDER by Paul Davidson
SYMPATHY by Rare Bird
TONIGHT, TONIGHT by Smashing Pumpkins

As you’ll notice there is a fair few 60’s and 70’s artist’s in there, some classic music pops by fab four from Liverpool The Beatles and then we have The Kinks, Dusty Springfield, The Supremes and the fab George Harrison plus some tracks from the fabulous Swedish group The Mascots which many will be well-known with from the En Händig Man tour pre video warm up! There is of course some modern day artists as well like Smashing Pumpkins, Crash Test Dummies, Pet Shop Boys, Nisse Hellberg and even Per’s Shopping With Mother makes the list!

All in all a great warm up to Roxette appearing on stage, a fantastic collection of songs and certainly one to remember the show by! You can go have most of them now over at Spotify…

*) not on Spotify… so I suggest you head over to faithful iTunes and purchase what you are missing there!

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