RoxRequest – get active and support Roxette’s new single

Many fans are organising themselves in some countries to support Roxette wherever they can with the single.

Of course, one of the most effective actions is to contact your local radio station and request Roxette, I am sure you have done that many times before by calling the radio station. Times change though, and with the possibilities social media and internet offer, much of it can be done via Facebook or email.

Yesterday, for example, a group of German fans joined the Facebook pages of various German and Austrian radios to request the song. In Spain, the Spanish Fanclub has distributed email addresses of radio stations where the single was distributed so fans can request the song.

We are planning another request action – or as we use to call it, roxattaq – for this weekend in Spain and Germany. We will in short give you more details about that.  Let us know if you are organising such RoxRequest activities in your country so we can list it here as well!

We have also written down some additonal information about this on a new page.

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Kobalt confirms agreement in US and lists next two singles

Kobalt Music Group has today confirmed the administration deal with Roxette in a press release which was published on their website and sent out per email. So far, the information had only been published in Music Week.

In the press release, Kobalt writes that through the deal Kobalt will r”epresent Roxette for synchronisation for motion picture, TV, games, ringtones and other media. ”

The press release also announces the release of “Charm School”, the world tour and probably reveals the title of the next two singles:

The album, which will be released on EMI worldwide (excluding the U.S.), will feature twelve songs described as “updated classic Roxette” including the singles “Way Out” and “Sitting On Top Of  The World.

However,  “She’s Got Nothing On”, which is the first single out of “Charm School”, is not mentioned in the press release.

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Roxette’s new video is out!

Head to Facebook Official Roxette page and click on “New Video” tab to see it. Or you can head to YouTube RoxetteVEVO

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Roxette promotion in Spain: video premiere tomorrow on

EMI Spain has set up quite a big promotion plan for Roxette in Spain. Besides launching the new single “She’s Got Nothing On (But The Radio)” on iTunes this week (where it reached #10 so far) and on Spotify, these are some of the activities which are planned and some general information and dates:

  • January 14th: Video premiere on Spanish public TV website The video will be available on the website the whole day.
  • January 15th: the video will be available on VEVO (YouTube) and digital partners for purchase.
  • February 15th: album is going to be released. There will be the normal edition of the CD, the Deluxe version will be available via iTunes
  • Increased presence of Roxette on internet via the following pages – don’t forget to join!
    • official Facebook page for all Spanish (speaking) fans: Roxette Spain.
    • besides the website (which we started in 99, can you believe it?), the Spanish fanclub opened a  Facebook page and Twitter account

Unfortunately, no date for a concert is set up yet, we are afraid Spanish promoters will wait to see the response to the single and album to decide on bringing the band to Spain or not.

In order to help spread the word, Roxspain, the Spanish Roxette Fanclub, is collaborating with EMI Spain on some actions with and for fans. We’ll definetely need your help. Since this is mostly targeted to Spanish fans, we will have most of the information on the websites mentioned above – we will, of course, summarize the information here from time to time to keep everybody updated.

Hagamos que un (o dos? ;)) concierto de Roxette en España sea realidad! (Let’s make a concert (or two) in Spain a reality!)

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East European Version of “Charm school”

Roxette’s new album, which will be out in a month time, will be released not only as a standard, deluxe and vinyl edition, but also as the East European Version for countries like Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Romania.

The only difference between the standard version and the EEV is the booklet. It is very likely that it will include only 4 pages. On the back of the album flags of Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania should be included as well. Thanks to that EMI Music reduces the price of the album to around 9 EUR0 for each copy and increases the sale in countries mentioned above.


Thanks to Miki Pe for informing us.

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Roxette signs with Kobalt in USA?

According to Music Week, Roxette has signed with Kobalt Music Group in the USA.

Kobalt Music plans to represent Roxette for sync in films, TV, gaming and ringtones and will also cover the release of Roxette’s new album “Charm School” in February.

Kobalt currently represents other Swedish artists like Mando Diao, Nina Persson, The Cardigans and known names such as No Doubt, Slash or Tokio Hotel.

So it looks like good news for our friends in USA!

Thanks Mathew, Dave, Marian and Christian for the information!

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“She’s Got Nothing On” out in Spain and reaches #12 on iTunes

Roxette’s new single is out in Spain via iTunes since yesterday. Funny how, the single reached #12 in the iTunes charts and that without promotion, since the promotion on radios won’t start until this weekend. The highest position was reached in Sweden so far: #10.

You can see an overview of all iTunes charts on this website.

There are no confirmed dates for Spain yet, it will probably depend on the sales of the single and specially the album, but if it goes on like this, no promoter could ever say no!

We’ll keep you informed!

Update Jan 13: The single has reached #10 in Spain as well!

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The video premiere is set on Friday

It seems like the video for “She’s got nothing on (but the radio)” single is set to be shown for the very first time on the Roxette Offcial Facebook page in the Video section on January 14th, Friday.

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“She’s Got Nothing On (But The Radio)” Possible Release Problems?

Concern has been raised by Roxette fans in the UK that the digital release of “She’s Got Nothing On (But The Radio)” single has disappeared from sale at Amazon UK. At this moment in time, we are waiting a response from Roxette’s management on why this could have happened. The single never appeared for sale on iTunes UK, but HMV Digital in the UK is still selling the single (but only the a-side) as are Play.Com.

It seems the single (including the “B-Side”) has also been pulled from sale at Amazon Germany as well! The single song is still available though.

Thanks to David Carmon for informing us of the problem in the UK this morning and Volker for the information on

Roxette’s Single “She’s Got Nothing On (But The Radio)” is Out!

Long-awaited Roxette’s new single “She’s got nothing on (but the radio) can be purchased online from today on. So far, only the digital version is out. The digital single comes with “Wish I Could Fly” live in St. Petersburg, recorded in September.

International release dates may differ a bit, lists it for the 9th, some other places for the 10th. The CD single is scheduled for January 28.

We will list all stores (at least as many of them as possible) where it can be bought all around the world. Of course, we will need your help, let us know where it can be bought in your country!


PersonalMusica (only for Personal  – cell phone company – customers)



iTunes | Bigpond Music




Amazon France


Amazon (can also be bought from Austria) | iTunes | Musicload







HMV Digital (better quality)

Help Roxette to the download charts and buy your digital copy today!

Sascha has designed a couple of banners – feel free to use them on your website to promote the single.

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“Roxette World Tour 2011″ – Setlist Voting PART 1

A few hundred fans decided to drop their votes in our little voting machine called “Roxette World Tour 2011 – let’s help with the setlist again!“. There were some who did not play fair and tried to vote more than once, but they did not succeed in the end. After two months of voting and hours of counting, we can announce the final results…

  1. The Sweet Hello, The Sad Goodbye
  2. A Thing About You
  3. Spending My Time
  4. The Rain
  5. Silver Blue
  6. June Afternoon
  7. Surrender
  8. Run To You & Keep Me Waiting
  9. So Far Away

To quote the Man from the summer Daily Roxette interview:

I don’t know about this Internet vote, there always comes up weird song choices like “The Sweet Hello, The Sad Goodbye” laughs Per. We played ‘Silver Blue’ since that song won. We did it in a new arrangement that was nice.

Will Roxette use any of our propositions in their setlist? Time will only tell.

By the way, be prepared for a very quick voting just after the album’s release. You know – to pick up the songs we like the most from that. :-)

Update Jan 9:

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Making of the new video. La-la-la-lies.

If you read an article in today’s Aftonbladet, so forget about it. It was written there that extras for the “She’s got nothing on (but the radio)” video did not receive any money (though they agreed on those conditions) and had no food…

According to Aftonbladet and translated by – the extras had been promised some food but had to content with nothing but coffee and white bread (nothing but the radio would have been better!). A spokesperson for the production company apologized explaining that “it was a difficult location, but there was heat and no more than 30 people in the room. I would like to call these people and apologize as that we did not intend them to feel this way.”

Here is the director Mats Udd’s words of truth:

Got an email yesterday that Aftonbladet was looking for extras who had felt mistreated during the making of the video. A man named Michael Garderud (he previously found a plastic in food – read more about it in Svenska Dagbladet’s article) was an extra on the Roxette video we did. He even wrote on his blog that it was a good recording. But he changed his mind when he read my interview that “”it was fun to work with a big budget”. He called Aftonbladet and said how he had been mistreated during the filming. It is of course amazingly boring, a making of the video should always be enjoyable and as comfortable as possible, especially if you are there for free. But before you cry out in Aftonbladet, you should know that a high budget to me is not a particularly high budget, I have made budget videos throughout 2010 for no more than 20,000 SEK. That is how it looks like, there is no money in the Swedish music video world – but Michael does not know that. Since Roxette has nothing to do with the recording, so the news’ value is approximately equal to zero.

Bravo to Mats then. The video for the single should be available in any day now.

radiorox contributed to the article.

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Roxette got an official Facebook page

Today an official Facebook page for Roxette was launched. The page features news, photo and video galleries and a tour plan so far. Join it and spread the word!

You find the page here:

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Another review by Swedish Stereo

Another positive review of “She’s Got Nothing On (But The Radio)” posts Swedish Stereo, wrote that “they just build their own concept with roots growing through all of their long music career and they do it fine and worthily like such iconic band has to do.”

Review here:

Berlin show sold out!

Roxette’s world tour concert in Berlin appears to be sold out at the biggest ticket vendor This could change again with additional contingents but indicates the nearing end of capacity. However, the promotion partner Spreeradio still has tickets on sale. So if you think about going there — don’t wait too long!

Update: A couple of hours later the other official ticket vendors like and have sold out as well. Be cautious if you buy from unknown re-sellers! The normal price was between 59 and 62 €.

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