– issues with tickets again – this time for Tivoli concert on Friday

Only few days ago a decision was made on the conflict between Live Nation and after the Roxette gig in Halmstad and here we have another matter to solve. has not got much of positive coverage in the Swedish and Danish media last days. They are selling tickets for the Roxette Copenhagen show that will take place at Tivioli on Friday, July 22nd five times more expensive (495 SEK instead of 95 SEK). Have a look at the latest headlines in both English and Swedish – they say (almost) all about the case.

The Daily Roxette – back in action (English) – Mats Pentmo: “I feel cheated by” (Swedish)
Expressen – Cheated with super expensive tickets (Swedish)
Aftonbladet – This is more or less cheating (Swedish)
Expressen – “This is how our company works” (Swedish) – Biljett Nu in a new row with Roxette (Swedish; TT Spektra agency’s article was published on several websites) – Tickets sites accused of false PR (Swedish)

Did finance a Roxette comeback?

When not even Roxette’s own company Live Nation in the beginning of this year dared to believe that a concert of Roxette would sell enough, Biljett Nu went in into this business and financed the show. Our investment in Roxette was an absolutely right decision. See you in Halmstad!

Because of a dispute with Live Nation, there is a risk that you may be refused to enter the concert with these tickets. They argue that these tickets are not valid. We hope that this dispute will be resolved until August 14th.

We would like to also remind you that according to Live Nation and Per Gessle himself, tickets bought on after July 9th are not valid. Buy your tickets on


Lost 20,000 SEK on Roxette tickets

As we know Roxette’s comeback gig was moved from Anderstorp till Halmstad. Suprisingly, not only the oragnizer and the place were changed but also the ticket’s price – it became cheaper. But Röke Buss’s company which bought 200 tickets is not happy about this fact.

NorraSkå informs about Lars Erlingsson, Röke Buss owner, who bought 200 tickets and paid 125,000 SEK in total for them. However, since the concert was later moved to Halmstad and the price for one standing ticket was reduced by 100 SEK, which means that Lars Erlingsson paid in the end 20,000 SEK more for the tickets. “We have tried to make contact with the dealer, but we cannot find them. Neither via email or telephone,” he tells the newspaper.

The newspaper also tried to get in touch with but they only got the answering machine informing that the are valid, whatever all articles published during the past days.


Per Gessle: “It’s terrible that a fan from Russia or Argentina travels all the way to Sweden and has an invalid ticket” wants to sue Per Gessle for the interview he has given few days ago. Per Gessle answered to via Aftonbladet, “all information around the AC/DC gig that I gave to the media, I have received from various sources – including Live Nation”. He apologizes in case the information is incorrect, but is at the same time glad that these things come to the light thanks to media’s interest. “It is terrible that, for instance, a fan from Russia or Argentina saves up money to buy a ticket online, travels all the way to Sweden and cannot be admitted because the ticket is invalid,” he tells Aftonbladet.

Source: Aftonbladet

Per Gessle: “Don’t buy tickets on!”

Hallandsposten talks about the troubles with BiljettNu and LiveNation. You can read the article in Swedish on

Aftonbladet also reports about this: We have contacted with our lawyer and we will sue them [Live Nation and Gessle?] for unfair imputation. They have no idea what they are talking about. None of what Per Gessle says is true, says Magnus Nilsson to Aftonbladet.