RoxetteBlog on Facebook got hacked

UPDATE at 18:30 on 28th, June: It seems we got back the admin rights, so you can stop reporting the page. Thanks for your support! 🙂 Checking all other settings now and hopefully, we can set back the page’s original name very soon. Will let you all know when it works normally again.





June 25th, 2021: Unfortunately, our Facebook page, RoxetteBlog got hacked and we are currently not able to post on it, only to add comments under posts already published. In case you get a private message from us, please don’t open it and don’t reply to it! We are trying to sort things out asap. We have reported the issue to Facebook, but it might take a longer time until we get help from them.

We will let you know once the page is working fine again.

UPDATE at 0:01 on 28th June, 2021: Unfortunately, Facebook Help Center was useless, we tried everything during the past 3 days to get the page back, but we have lost this case… Can’t tell you how disappointed and upset we are. The page got in the hands of some Vietnamese hackers. No chance to get it back so PLEASE report the RoxetteBlog Facebook page, not to hand this community of more than 50,000 people over to them. We will create a new page of course, but until the original one is up, we are afraid our profiles would be hacked and then the new page could be hacked too. So once again, please, report the RoxetteBlog Facebook page via THIS post.

Twitter and this website will still work until a new Facebook page is created. We will let you know here once it’s up. Thanks for your support!

UPDATE at 7:03 on 28th June, 2021: The Facebook page name has now been changed to this one by the hackers: San Hang Hieu RoxetteBlog. Please, report the page before you unfollow it! Thanks for your support!