RoxetteBlog Facebook is back in our hands!

It’s a crazy world out there… During the past 4 days the team got like 10-20 years older fighting against the hackers, but fortunately, we got our admin rights back to our Facebook page just an hour ago and kicked out all the Vietnamese hacker admins. Their post on our page got deleted by us and now we are trying to get our original name back, which might take some more time, since it’s not possible to change a page’s name each day. Changes are only permitted once every 7 days.

Thanks for all the support you provided us with during these difficult days, either it was sharing the info to warn others, reporting the hackers, reporting the page or sending us kind words. That really means a lot to us and keeps us going!

Let’s hope we won’t face anything similar again in the future and we can continue bringing the latest news from the Roxette world to you without any hiccups.

Thanks for your great support once again! Much appreciated!

RXB Team

Update on 21st July 2021: Unfortunately, after 1 month of trying to get our name back, Facebook now has changed it to this one: S?n Hàng Hi?u+ … It seems that it was still a pending request from the Vietnamese hackers that got through almost in a month to change the name in 2 steps for something without RoxetteBlog. We won’t give up! Thanks for your patience!