Uno Svenningsson & Per Gessle – Bara få höra din röst

Uno Svenningsson and Per Gessle have released a new song together. Bara få höra din röst is now out on streaming services! Listen on Spotify, Deezer, YouTube (track 1, track 2), Apple Music and other platforms! The single contains two tracks, including an instrumental version as well.

It’s not the first time the guys collaborated. Actually, not the first time in the sense of already released material. The first duet we could hear from them was Du kommer så nära (du blir alldeles suddig) on Per’s Gammal kärlek rostar aldrig album, November 2020. In fact, BFHDR originates from an even earlier period!

Per tells RoxBlog:

We wrote and demoed the song in June 2018. The very first demo had just nonsense lyrics sung by Uno. I wrote “real” lyrics pretty quickly with a slightly different title, demoed it on my own and forgot about the song. Uno called me up one day in 2020 and said he would like to use it. He had an idea altering the melody/chords in the chorus a bit but that was fine with me. I wasn’t supposed to sing on it at all but he asked me to add some backing vocals just for fun. It sounded cool. We sound good together! Two very strange voices! And then he wanted some harmony vocals. I was flattered and started fooling around with the production a bit. And then I sang the entire second verse. Suddenly we had a duet. My Gosh.

In the press release Uno tells:

Writing songs together with others is a little craft and adventure in itself and then to have the chance to write with Per, the best songwriter, is fantastic. It’s been easy-going and much fun. Two guys from the countryside who like music, it can’t get any better! I’ve always liked Per’s voice and that our voices fit so well together is awesome. “Bara få höra din röst” is therefore a telling title! My son, Mark Bihli is responsible for arrangements and production, and he has done a brilliant job.

Per adds:

Uno and I have been running into each other for many years. Not least down in Tylösand in the summer. We’ve talked for a long time about writing something together and “Bara få höra din röst” popped up one summer day out of nowhere. Just like the best songs are born. It’s incredibly fun to work with Uno, our voices are so different but fit together in some strange way terribly well. Extra fun that his son Mark wanted to produce. He has done a fantastic job.

A video to the song is set to premiere at 10:00 am CET on 21st January. It was recorded at Andreas Dahlbäck’s Durango Studio in Stockholm at the end of 2021.

Bara få höra din röst

Jag vet det är tokigt
Och alldeles för sent
Jag har suttit framför datorn
Med korslagda ben

Och kvällen har blivit
Som en virvlande vals
Jag kan inte koncentrera mig
På något alls

Du kanske redan raderat mig
Så jag går mot ett annat håll
Logiken studsar som en boll
Mellan tak och golv

Jag vill bara få höra din röst
Ingenting annat nu
Svara mig snälla du
Jag vill bara få höra din röst
Säg vad du vill för du
Jag vill inget annat nu

Det kanske är vinet
Och allt socker och salt
Jag ser din kropp vänd emot mig
Nästan överallt

Så skål för historien
Två hjärtan som brann
Och för ett ensamt skepp
Som letar efter sin hamn

Jag tror du suddat ut mig nu
Jag har försvunnit i ett moln
Jag önskar allt var som förut
Helt under kontroll

Jag vill bara få höra din röst
Ingenting annat nu
Svara mig snälla du
Jag vill bara få höra din röst
Säg vad du vill för du
Jag vill inget annat nu

Words + Music: Uno Svenningsson + Per Gessle

Photo of Per & Uno by Pär Wickholm

Per Gessle and Uno Svenningsson on Efter fem

Per and Uno were guests on Swedish TV4’s program, Efter fem today to talk about their new single. You can watch the video HERE.

After welcoming the guys, program leader Anna Brolin asks them how they are doing and both of them reply they are feeling very well. Anna also asks if they like each other. Uno replies „absolutely”, Per replies „sometimes”. Haha.

Per tells they started writing this song, Bara få höra din röst already in the summer of 2018. Uno came to Tylösand, they recorded a demo and they forgot about it, but last year Uno called Per to tell that it’s time for this song to become a single. Uno tells his son produced it, then all pieces fell into place and now they are here. Anna asks if the guys are nervous about the release. Both of them reply immediately that they are not. Here they show a little part of the video that will also be published tomorrow, 21st January.

Per says, as Uno said, the song has become so much better than it was, thanks to Uno’s son. Uno adds that it’s also fascinating how their voices fit so well together. PG agrees and says they both have strange voices. Anna asks if they knew it before that their voices fit and Uno tells he was singing on Per’s album in 2020 and already then he thought they sound good together. Per says they both have special voices and one can hear it when Uno sings and when Per sings. „Sometimes it’s good”, he adds. Haha.

The guys say it’s much fun to work together. It’s fun to be hanging out and talking about memories from the past. The first time they met they should have written a song, but they were talking about their memories instead. They talked about their careers, Per also about Roxette memories and how they met their old idols. Per says there is a lot to talk about, the music industry is fantastic, the little that is left of it.

Regarding how they met in Tylösand Per tells Uno and his wife called and they wanted to have dinner together. Per said OK, but Uno had to sing on one of his songs, Du kommer så nära (du blir alldeles suddig). That was the first duet they did together in 2020. And the dinner was good.

Anna asks what the guys are impressed by in each other. Uno says he has always loved Per’s voice and he is a fantastic songwriter. Per thanks Uno for being so kind. Mr. G tells when Uno sings he is phrasing in a totally different way than Per and he thinks about music in a different way vs. PG. You can learn from other artists and singers and wonder how they did this or what they thought about that. Also, Uno interprets a text in a totally different way and it’s exciting. Anna asks Uno if he can demonstrate how he is phrasing. Uno makes some „noise” and all three of them burst out into laughing. Per says „what a nice sound” and tells Uno maybe he should drink some water. Haha.

Anna asks if there are plans to play together live. Per tells they haven’t talked about it at all. It was just fun to do this stuff and they will see what it leads to. It’s always nice to meet and hang out, but they won’t tour with this. Uno says he is working on his album, so there will be more singles this year. Per says he came directly from the studio and there are a lot of things going on. He also hopes that he can continue his unplugged tour in April and May. Tickets are on sale from next Tuesday. It’s tough now for all musicians, artists and technicians. Everyone wants to start working again as soon as possible. Anna asks how to handle this situation during the pandemic. Uno says you can always write new songs.

Before saying goodbye, Uno shows a little more of his phrasing and Anna thanks for the example while they are all laughing.

Stills are from the interview.