Rumours – Roxette in Brasil?

We all love rumours, don’t we? That is why I post this information which was written by Danyela Etchart from Brazil.

It was March 29th, a little bit far from April 1st, when Brazilian online newspaper blog, called “O Povo”, from Fortaleza/Ceara State, North of Brazil, posted very strange news that could only be entitles as “rumours”. The headlines were “Fortaleza receives Scorpions, Roxette might come

According to the site: (…) Siara Hall is dealing with the Swedish band Roxette, known by hits like “The Look”, “Listen To Your Heart”, “It Must Have Been Love” and “Joyride”. In time: The producer responsible for the Scorpions concert in Ceará (North of Brazil) has not officially confirmed, but other sources close to the event organizers said they have already agreed.

The question is: agreed with who? With Roxette?

Well, this is really strange because after the announcement of Roxette’s Scandinavian and Russian concerts, Roxette Attack Sudamerica Group contacted Live Nation in the name of 3 music producers to arrange around 6 or 7 Roxette concerts in Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Uruguai. Thomas Johansson from Live Nation (former EMA TESLAR) said there was no plans for South America this year. Dimberg also replied there would be only 5 Roxette concerts in 2010. But the doors won’t be closed to the South America, because if a world tour takes place after the new album release, South America will be probably part of it.

Alexandre, from Roxette Brazilteam posted this strange news on March 30th, according to Emmanuel Macêdo. Carlos Raphael, a fan from Fortaleza, checked this information with the Siara Hall, but they didn’t have any information about Roxette. The only concert confirmed was Scorpions on September 18th.

“Gessle over Europe” DVD – menu

The very first look at “Gessle over Europe” DVD menu:

The most interesting things I’ve noticed while the watching:

– the interview parts with Per & fans pop up many times through the Cirkus concert – after “Dressed for success” [Why did Per decide to go on the club tour?], “The Party Pleaser” [Rosina & Dany spotted; Per tells more about how he appreciates the fans – especially those from South America], “She doesn’t live here anymore” [Interview with Ezequiel in Swedish; Per’s story from Warsaw gig about some people from Siberia who came for the concert], “Late, later on” [The idea of this tour], “Do you wanna be my baby?” [Roxette/Gessle music as the soundtrack of our lives; Dany wants her husband to forgive her! :D], “Doesn’t make sense” [The future?], “Joyride” [The little concerts suit Per the best], “Are you an old hippie, sir?” [About “The look”], “It must have been love” [The tour experiances], “Queen of rain” [Per tells more about the band members; fans from Spain, Argentina, Brazil and Mexico after the Cirkus concert]

– though there is a 12 years-old parental adivsory – both videos for “Kix” and “Do you wanna be my babe?” are censored

– some unseen footage from the tour was added to the 100x tribal homevideos

Danyela’s “En händig blog”.

One of the most creative, incredible and craziest fans in the rox-world, Danyela Etchart from Porto Alegre in Brazil has started her own blog-site “En händig blog” (Handy blog) which is written both in Portuguese and English. There are many pictures, stories and jokes from her long and amazing trips to Sweden, gigs she was on, all the meetings with Per she had and even Swedish press-articles about her! So if you want to join the unpredictable and extreme joyride, just visit her website. And yes, Dany’s coming to Europe for “Night of the proms”!

Dany’s Party crasher tour (trailer)
En händig man på turne (part 1/2)
En händig man på turne (part 2/2)

Some of the photos you will be able to see there:

Source: EnHändigBlog