Gessle over Europe CD: “Doesn’t make sense” (Cologne)

Filmed by Kirsten in Cologne on April 27th 2009 during “Party crasher tour” with audio coming from “Gessle Over Europe” CD put together by Conny and it’s almost synchronal. There was another clip of this kind made by me few weeks ago C’mon / Are you an old hippie, sir?. delays delivery of Gessle Live-LP

A few days ago, sent a mail that the delivery of the Live-LP “Gessle over Europe” is delayed. Actually, the mail says:

We’re still trying to get the article you ordered.

Amazon says that they can’t tell a delivery date at the moment but will send a mail when they get further information. Furthermore the mail says that “we cannot guarantee that the article is still available. Are you still interested in it? If you don’t want to wait any longer you can cancel your order as long as it has not been sent off.

Question is: Will Amazon be able to send the LP? Wait and see..

“Gessle over Europe” DVD – menu

The very first look at “Gessle over Europe” DVD menu:

The most interesting things I’ve noticed while the watching:

– the interview parts with Per & fans pop up many times through the Cirkus concert – after “Dressed for success” [Why did Per decide to go on the club tour?], “The Party Pleaser” [Rosina & Dany spotted; Per tells more about how he appreciates the fans – especially those from South America], “She doesn’t live here anymore” [Interview with Ezequiel in Swedish; Per’s story from Warsaw gig about some people from Siberia who came for the concert], “Late, later on” [The idea of this tour], “Do you wanna be my baby?” [Roxette/Gessle music as the soundtrack of our lives; Dany wants her husband to forgive her! :D], “Doesn’t make sense” [The future?], “Joyride” [The little concerts suit Per the best], “Are you an old hippie, sir?” [About “The look”], “It must have been love” [The tour experiances], “Queen of rain” [Per tells more about the band members; fans from Spain, Argentina, Brazil and Mexico after the Cirkus concert]

– though there is a 12 years-old parental adivsory – both videos for “Kix” and “Do you wanna be my babe?” are censored

– some unseen footage from the tour was added to the 100x tribal homevideos

“Gessle over Europe” reviews

Signed copy of "Gessle over Europe"Two reviews of “Gessle over Europe” CD+DVD set appeared in the Swedish press – the first one comes from Göteborgsposten and the author, Johan Lindqvist, gives the album 3 out of 5 and says that “Party crasher tour” got only press when Marie Fredriksson came in picture.

Another review was published in Upsala Nya Tidning and GOE got 4/5. Per Gessle was compared by the journalist, Ulf Gustavsson, to the cat with nine lives – his Swedish or English solo career, Gyllene Tider, Roxette or Son of a Plumber. Anyway – the review is really positive.

And tonight, the very first look at the DVD – stay tuned!

Gessle’s concert on the Swedish radio P4 [on November 14]

I know it’s difficult to think about our idols’ solo careers at the moment when so many things are happening in the rox-world, but I have to remind you that tonight on P4 Live Per Gessle’s Cirkus concert from May 2009 will be broadcasted as well as the new (hopefully) interview with the Man.

According to P4 website, the radio station has recorded both concerts on May 9th and 10th.


Don’t know what is happening, but P4 does not broadcast the concert.

Edit 1: 11-minutes interview with Per Gessle on P4.

Edit 2: From Something has gone wrong, P4 is not airing Per’s concert, but a Ted Gärdestad tribute.

Edit 3: The concert will be broadcasted on November 14. P4 apologized for this problem.

NOTP Countdown: “I have written many songs this summer”

Night of the Proms logoAftonbladet published a quite interesting interview with Per Gessle regarding “Night of the Proms” as well as “Gessle over Europe” release today.

I do not have really time to translate the whole article, but there are few informations worth knowing:

– Per has written many songs this summer and Roxette are going to try to record some tracks while their stay in Antwerp (almost 3 weeks in one town!). They have something called “Pro Tool” which allows to record music outside the studio with the same high quality.
– Marie on “Night of the Proms”: “I want to do this”
– 600,000 tickets for “Night of the Proms” 2009 are sold
– Marie & Per were more suprised with the check for “Night of the Proms” in 2002 than they were for 2009, but it doesn’t really mean they got less this time
– Per’s first thought about problems with German release of “Gessle over Europe” was: “Oh, finally I have become a little bit dangerous”

Edit: There’s also a new Expressen article with the same topic. (in Swedish). They also mention that Per has taken 16 songs with him to Belgium and Netherlands and that they have rented an extra room in the hotel where they have set up a studio. “We just have time enough between the shows”, tells Per. “I want to test some pre-recordings and see how it works.” Per also tells that if there should be some more of Roxette, it should be new stuff.  This sounds very promising! 🙂

“Gessle over Europe” to be released in Finland

“Gessle over Europe” CD+DVD set will be released in Finland on October 28, according to newly updated EMI Finland website.

The very first review on “Gessle over Europe” was published on The Daily Roxette. According to informations given be Thomas Evensson, two documentaries were removed from DVD and some unseen footage from “Party crasher tour” was presented in “100x Tribal Video” section. Read it.

Untill this day the list of countries where GOE will be released:
Sweden – October 23
Denmark – October 26
Norway – October 26
Poland – October 26
Finland – October 28
United Kingdom – October 26 [MP3]
Italy – October 26 [MP3]
Germany – November 6
Austria – November 6
Switzerland – November 6

Less stuff on “Gessle over Europe” DVD and some typos.

The Daily Roxette published an English version of Swedish press release regarding “Gessle over Europe” CD+DVD set. Thomas Evensson did also some scans of a promotional folder printed in Sweden. According to it, there are few changes in comparison to the preliminary informations. “C’mon” video as well as “Son of a plumber” and “Party crasher” eletronic promotional kits were removed from the frothcoming DVD. I assume it is related with DVD space limitations and will to have the best possible quality of the Cirkus concert.

Promotional folder photos: FRONT | FOLD-OUT| BACK (c) tevensso

According to Polish website, the final tracklisting is:


1. Dressed For Success (Cologne) – Per Gessle 4:24
2. Drowning In Wonderful Thoughts About Her (Cologne) – Per Gessle 2:38
3. Stupid (London) – Per Gessle 3:46
4. Wish I Could Fly (London) – Per Gessle 4:37
5. She Doesn’t Live Here Anymore (Copenhagen) – Per Gessle 3:44
6. 7Twenty7 (Amsterdam) – Per Gessle 3:30
7. I Have A Party In My Head (Amsterdam) – Per Gessle 2:11
8. Late, Later On (Amsterdam) – Per Gessle 3:56
9. Listen To Your Heart (Cologne) – Per Gessle 3:12
10. Do You Wanna Be My Baby? (Copenhagen) – Per Gessle 4:03
11. Opportunity Nox (London) – Per Gessle 2:46
12. Doesn’t Make Sense (Cologne) – Per Gessle 4:50
13. Joyride (Stockholm 2) – Per Gessle 5:16
14. C’mon (Warszaw) – Per Gessle 2:50
15. Are You An Old Hippie, Sir? (Warszaw) – Per Gessle 1:41
16. It Must Have Been Love (Cologne) – Per Gessle 4:00
17. The Look (Halmstad) – Per Gessle 5:05
18. Hey Mr DJ (Amsterdam) – Per Gessle 2:32
19. (I’m Not Your) Steppin’ Stone (Munchen) – Per Gessle 2:38
20. Sleeping In My Car (Amsterdam) – Per Gessle 3:48
21. Queen Of Rain (Cologne) – Per Gessle 3:39


1. Dressed For Success (Live At Cirkus) – Per Gessle 4:14
2. Drowning In Wonderful Thoughts About Her (Live At Cirkus) – Per Gessle 3:04
3. Stupid (Live At Cirkus) – Per Gessle 3:22
4. The Party Pleaser (Live At Cirkus) – Per Gessle 3:59
5. Wish I Could Fly (Live At Cirkus) – Per Gessle 5:03
6. She Doesn’t Live Here Anymore (Live At Cirkus) – Per Gessle 4:04
7. 7Twenty7 (Live At Cirkus) – Per Gessle 3:31
8. I Have A Party In My Head (I Hope It Never Ends) (Live At Cirkus) – Per Gessle 2:05
9. Late, Later On (Live At Cirkus) – Per Gessle 3:46
10. Listen To Your Heart (Live At Cirkus) – Per Gessle 3:45
11. Do You Wanna Be My Baby? (Live At Cirkus) – Per Gessle 4:02
12. Opportunity Nox (Live At Cirkus) – Per Gessle 3:10
13. Doesn’t Make Sense (Live At Cirkus) – Per Gessle 4:40
14. Church Of Your Heart (Live At Cirkus) – Per Gessle 2:59
15. Dangerous (Live At Cirkus) – Per Gessle 3:29
16. Joyride (Live At Cirkus) – Per Gessle 4:53
17. C’mon (Live At Cirkus) – Per Gessle 2:48
18. Are You On Old Hippie, Sir? (Live At Cirkus) – Per Gessle 1:36
19. The Look (Live At Cirkus) – Per Gessle 5:18
20. It Must Have Been Love (Live At Cirkus) – Per Gessle 4:11
21. Hey Mr Dj (Won’t You Play Another Love Song) (Live At Cirkus) – Per Gessle 2:40
22. (I’m Not Your) Steppin’ Stone (Live At Cirkus) – Per Gessle 2:40
23. Sleeping In My Car (Live At Cirkus) – Per Gessle 3:56
24. Queen Of Rain (Live At Cirkus) – Per Gessle 3:33
25. 100 x Tribal Homevideos – Per Gessle 58:25
26. Silly Really – Per Gessle 4:02
27. Shopping With Mother – Per Gessle 2:37
28. Jo-Anna Says – Son Of A Plumber 3:26
29. Hey Mr DJ (Won’t You Play Another Love Song) – Son Of A Plumber 3:30
30. Do You Wanna Be My Baby? (director’s cut) – Per Gessle 3:47
31. Kix (Directors Cut) – Per Gessle 4:09
32. I Want You To Know – Per Gessle 4:00
33. Kix (Lovely Pair Mix) – Per Gessle 5:43
34. Kix-Cha-Cha (Directors Cut) – Per Gessle 1:30

It is worth noticing that two songs from Warsaw concert on a live CD was tagged as “Warszaw”, which is incorrect both in English and in Swedish. The incorrect name of Polish capital was also used in Per Gessle’s blog, so I suppose this was the reason why EMI did mistake there. This typo is visible in some webshops as well as on service. Fortunately, on the back cover of the album everything seems to be right.

Additionally, according to Lurirox at R2R forum German subtitles on DVD have few mistakes:
We have a special letter in German called “ß” – some kind of “ss”, but it’s wrong to use it instead of “ß”. You have to change the language of the keyboard to get the right letter and it seems to me as if the person who was responsible for the subtitles did not change it because all the time when a “ß” is needed there is a “ü” instead of it.

P.S. But still – I just can’t wait to watch it! 🙂