Roxette 30th Anniversary Tour: Khabarovsk, Russia – October 30 – #2

Pic by Olga O (from Instagram)

The 2nd show of the tour was in Khabarovsk tonight. The band was in top shape and sound-wise the whole gig improved since the premiere concert in Vladivostok. Real Sugar sounded even better! What we didn’t mention in the premiere gig article is that now there is a very short adrenalin intro while the band is getting on stage and before they start off with Sleeping in My Car. Great we have an intro like this on tour!

As we could see it already in the soundcheck video Per shared earlier today, Marie was sitting while singing Perfect Day. On the concert, she was sitting during 3 songs: The Heart Shaped Sea, Perfect Day and Watercolours In The Rain. According to Roxers attending the concert, she didn’t feel comfortable with it. If you check The Heart Shaped Sea video below, you’ll see that it might have been because the chair was set too high. They tried to use the chair during her solo tour, but she refused it there. She chose to perform barefoot instead. And it helped. Maybe it would help now, too, who knows. Kick of them shoes, Marie! OK, now switching to serious mode, watching the video with Queen of Rain, it seems Marie has a difficult time. We really hope that the fans’ positive energy can help her to get better. Sending all the positive vibes towards her virtually as well, from all around the Universe! The songs sounded beautiful anyway!

Another thing to mention is that Chris is doing his lead guitar performance on this tour, too, after the band presentation, before Joyride. Today he played Nad Amurom Belim Parusom (sorry for writing it phonetically, but somehow I can’t use cyrillic letters here…). The setlist was the same as in Vladivostok.

Per’s comment after the show:

THANK YOU KHABAROVSK!!! Fab big crowd tonight, spasiba!! Band in top shape. Hope to see you all soon again. Leaving this town soon, the RoxAirJet is flying west! Cheers, peace & love from P&Co.

Next gig is on Sunday (2nd November) in Krasnoyarsk.

Articles and photos (with marvellous photos!) ; interview with Per (same as in the video, just with photos and in written form here)



Sleeping in My Car, The Big L.
Real Sugar; another Real Sugar
Queen of Rain
It Must Have Been Love; another It Must Have Been Love
The Heart Shaped Sea
Perfect Day
The Look
Queen of Rain

Exclusive interview with Per by Gubernia TV
Report about the concert on Gubernia TV



Sleeping In My Car
The Big L.
Spending My Time
Crash! Boom! Bang!
Real Sugar
She’s Got Nothing On (But The Radio)
The Heart Shaped Sea
Perfect Day
Watercolours In The Rain
Fading Like A Flower
How Do You Do!
It Must Have Been Love
Dressed For Success

Listen To Your Heart
The Look
Queen of Rain