More about Roxette re-releases.

More about Roxette re-release:

Pearls of passion, 1986 (3 bonus tracks e.g. Neverending Love [Tits and Ass demo 1986])
Look sharp!, 1988 (3 bonus tracks)
Joyride, 1991 (3 bonus tracks e.g. “The sweet hello, the sad goodbye”)
Tourism, 1992 (2 bonus tracks e.g. “Fingertips ’93”)
Crash!Boom!Bang!, 1994 (3 bonus tracks e.g. “Almost unreal”)
Have a nice day, 1999 (3 bonus tracks)
Room service, 2001 (3 bonus tracks)

My comment: It’s strange that there are so little bonus tracks. As you may recall, Pearls of Passion (1997 edition) got 8 bonus tracks and now we will get 5 less. Hope to get really nice booklets instead 🙂

Roxette albums to be rereleased on September 30th

According to EMI Sweden the remastered Roxette albums will be released on September 30th. The albums come with bonus tracks and a brand new booklet. So far the date is not confirmed by Per Gessle or EMI, we’re referring to the information EMI Sweden is giving on their homepage. So this could also only be the release date for the remastered albums in Sweden.

Source: EMI Sweden

More about Roxette’s future plans

In an interview with dutch newspaper Algemeen Dagblad Per and Marie reveal a bit more about Roxette’s future plans beside NOTP.

Now after the comeback announcement there are plenty of offers for concerts and tours, but Marie feels still unable to do a complete Roxette tour. One step at a time. Despite this limitations Per thinks everything they do now is unexpected fun. He learned a lot from Marie’s story and changed his focus from career and money to the best possible entertainment. His recent solo tour already went into that direction.

When asked about a new album, Per reveals that they plan to go into the studio in the autumn. Both look forward to spend a lot of time with each other again, to be creative. If this studio time leads to good new songs they will be released. If they fail, the songs will never be mentioned again…

Click here for the original article in dutch!

So I’m glad they aim for more than some mediocre filler tracks! They want to reach the best Roxette standards again. And I got a feeling, they will succeed! Marie and Per seem to have some hunger again. How about you?