Gessle’s marriage settlement

According to Aftonbladet’s researches among Swedish celebrities’ marriages, most of them have signed marriage settlements. It refers also to Per Gessle and Åsa Nordin’s relationship. In their settlement it is written that in case of divorce, Mrs. Gessle would get half the value of the couple’s apartments, but the rights to Mr. Gessle’s songs would remain totally his.

Other Swedish couples that marriage settlements were analyzed are: Tommy & Ann-Charlotte Körberg, Magnus & Louise Uggla, Liza Marklund & Mikael Aspeborg, Christer & Birgitta Sjögren, Carl Bildt & Anna Maria Corazza, Henning Mankell & Eva Bergman, Björn & Pernilla Skifs, Eva Dahlgren & Efva Attling, Benny Andersson & Mona Nörklit, Stellan Skarsgård & Megan Everett.

Source: Aftonbladet

“Hitlåtens historia” with “The look” available to watch

Have you ever known that it was Clarence who counted 1-2-3-4 in “The look”? This and more in the exclusive footage from the recording studios in SVT’s “The look” documentary. It seems it was co-produced by Danish and Norwegian TV-stations, so it’s very probable it will be broadcasted in other Scandinavian countries.

In my opinion – the best Roxette documentary of 21st century.

Update: Fellow rox fan shirley is working on an English translation of the documentary, which should lead to a subtitled video. You can read her work in progress at R2R forums and maybe help her!

Gessle: Madonna is fantastic

Per Gessle with his wife Åsa showed up on Madonna’s Sunday show on Ullevi Stadium in Gothenburg on August 9. It was Gessle’s third Ullevi concert this summer.

Madonna is fantastic. I expect a great show and a production that will look like very expensive, said Per just before her concert.

But he is not really very inspired by her music, though he likes some of her old hits.

I saw both AC/DC and U2 this summer. They’ve inspired me a lot. Especially early AC/DC.

On his Twitter site, after the gig, Per wrote that Madonna last night was not really for him and he was really disappointed.


Thanks to linki @ R2R for AC/DC picture.