A schedule of what to expect in 2013


Who would have thought that after the past busy years 2013 will also be full of happenings? Here is a list of what’s coming. 🙂


  • January: Gyllene Tider tour is announced, tickets are on sale (5th July, Halmstad is already sold out, but there is an extra Halmstad gig on 7th August /tickets for this latter one are available from 9 am CET, 31st January/)



  • March: Roxette ”It All Begins Where It Ends” documentary and ”Travelling The World – Roxette Live 2012” DVD / BluRay release (exact date is still unknown)


  • April:
  1. Roxette concert in Switzerland on 6th April – the one & only Roxette gig this year (at least so far)
  2. Gyllene Tider: Dags att tänka på refrängen – album release (release date varies at different online music stores); a compilation album called “Soldans på din grammofon” will also be released, but we have no info about any date yet


  • May: Marie’s birthday (I couldn’t leave this month blank) 😉


  • June: all GT tour participants are being prepared for juli och augusti 😉




  • September: or better said ”after summer”, as no exact date is given yet: Sven Lindström’s Roxette biography is out. As Sven informed The Daily Roxette, the book will be available in English.


  • October: ?


  • November: ?


  • December: Xmas (at least for lots of us) 😉


We hope to fill in the gaps with some Marie Fredriksson, alias Ms Effe 😉 projects as well. We’ll keep you informed about any news.



#gtsommar Exclusive Swedish radio interview with Per and Micke

Per and Micke did an exclusive 11-minute interview for the Swedish public radio last Friday. They talked about how they come to work together and recording of the new album. Per revealed that Gyllene Tider has discussed a comeback from 2008, but there was always something that stopped them from doing this. On the new album they will try to repeat “the classic GT sound” so to speak, with a lot of Farfisa organs in the background. Per is not sure when the album goes out, but he hopes it would be April. The first single is not really ready yet and they haven’t chosen it yet, but there will be in fact a tune called “Singel”. They plan to include two ballads on the album max, according to Per. Speaking of double meaning of the title, Per also mentioned that they have recorded a song called “Dags att tänka på refrängen” as well.

Lyssna: Hela intervjun med Gyllene Tider

#gtsommar Which colour of Gyllene Tider’s poster artwork you prefer?

There seem to be 4 artworks in different colours of Gyllene Tider’s posters / ads. Which one do you like the most?

Vote here! (or on FB)

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Artworks are available on Gyllene Tider’s Artwork 2013 Pinterest board.


#gtsommar The official Gyllene Tider tour poster

On the Gyllene Tider’s Instagram profile the official tour poster was posted. Additionally in many regional daily papers around Sweden ads for certain GT concerts were published – this is one of examples for Gothenburg, with a different background than the official poster.

Additionally the band did a short video where they announce the ticket sale. At the very beginnig of sale over 20,000 people tried to book tickets through Ticnet.se.

#gtsommar Second Gyllene Tider concert in Halmstad on July 6? Coop knows better!

…though the official sale did not start yet, Coop, the best chain in Sweden ever (everyone will admit that after today), announced that the second concert in Halmstad is planned on Saturday, July 6. And we are pretty sure it’s not a mistake… 🙂

In addition to Ticnets VIP package for the 6th, Remco Verhaaf noticed that the codes on the tickets of Malmö and Halmstad contain a “1” in the 3 letter concert code (MS1 & MP1), while Gothenburg only mentions SLS. So maybe a second Malmö gig is an option as well? We love all those conspiracy theories!