ROX RMX – Remixes From The Roxette Vaults

Three separate digital releases of Roxette remixes popped up on 20th, 22nd and 24th June. Altogether 44 remixes are out under this project. Most of them were not available digitally before. Listen here to Vol. 1, Vol. 2 and Vol. 3!

Per Gessle says:

The remix saga of Roxette started early on. We released the “Dance Passion” album which contained remixes of a few songs from our debut album “Pearls Of Passion” in 1987. To tell the truth, I never listened to D.P. that much. And I’m pretty sure Marie didn’t listen to it at all. No, that album wasn’t really our cup of tea.

However, time went by and before long we found out about new amazing DJ’s, remixers and producers doing stunning stuff to original and great songs. We definitely wanted to be part of that journey! It’s very exciting to hear new interpretations of your own music, made by talented people coming in with new ideas from different angles.

Now, after 35+ years, it’s time for the collected works. The Roxette Remixes. ROX RMX.

I’ve put together three digital volumes of my favourite Roxette remixes created by big names, tiny names, on huge budgets and no budgets at all. It’s a pretty cool collection I’m very proud of.

I’m especially happy that we, against all odds, actually found the original masters to all these recordings. It’s been hidden in mirror balls and sweaty underwear, hahaha.

Since the time span is over 35 years you can easily hear the changes in pop. Some of the 80’s stuff suddenly sound very modern. And vice versa. Recent stuff can sound a bit dated already. But that’s the way it should be and what pop music is all about. Communication. Enjoy!


ROX RMX Vol. 1 (Remixes From The Roxette Vaults)

  1. Fading Like A Flower (Roxette + Galantis Remix)
  2. Stars (Almighty 12” Definitive Mix)
  3. Real Sugar (Shooting Star Treatment)
  4. The Centre Of The Heart (Is A Suburb To The Brain) (Stonebridge Club Mix Edit)
  5. The Look (Rapino 7” Remix)
  6. Why Don’t You Bring Me Flowers? (Addeboy vs. Cliff Remix)
  7. Wish I Could Fly (Stonebridge R&B Mix)
  8. Some Other Summer (Alexander Brown Remix)
  9. From A Distance (SingSing Version)
  10. Reveal (The Attic Remix)
  11. Crush On You (Almighty Club Mix)
  12. Dressed For Success (New Radio Mix)
  13. Milk And Toast And Honey (Active Dance Remix)
  14. The Rox Medley – A Remix Medley

ROX RMX Vol. 2 (Remixes From The Roxette Vaults)

  1. She’s Got Nothing On (But The Radio) (Adam Rickfors Remix)
  2. Fading Like A Flower (Dancing DJs vs. Roxette)
  3. The Look (Big Red Mix)
  4. Stars (X-Treme Extended Mix)
  5. Knockin’ On Every Door (BomKrash 12” Remix)
  6. Speak To Me (Bassflow Remake)
  7. Dangerous (Power Mix – Short Version)
  8. Spending My Time (Electric Dance Remix)
  9. How Do You Do! (BomKrash US Mix)
  10. Opportunity Nox (Hard Act 2 Follow vs. Sharpshooter Extended Remix)
  11. Joyride (Magic Friend Mix)
  12. Wish I Could Fly (Todd Terry – Tee’s Radio Mix)
  13. Why Don’t You Bring Me Flowers? (Patrick Jordan Remix)
  14. Fireworks (Jesus Jones Remix)
  15. The Look (Head-Drum Mix)

ROX RMX Vol. 3 (Remixes From The Roxette Vaults)

  1. Stars (Almighty Radio Edit)
  2. The Look (Rapino Club Mix)
  3. She’s Got Nothing On (But The Radio) (Adrian Lux Remix)
  4. Crush On You (Almighty 7 Radio Mix)
  5. Dressed For Success (Look Sharp! Mix)
  6. Milk And Toast And Honey (Shooting Star Treatment)
  7. Some Other Summer (TRXD Remix)
  8. Dangerous (Waste Of Vinyl 12” Mix)
  9. Fading Like A Flower (Dancing DJs vs. Roxette – Hardino Mix)
  10. The Centre Of The Heart (Is A Suburb To The Brain) (Yoga Remix)
  11. Wish I Could Fly (Stonebridge Club Mix)
  12. Reveal (Kleerup Remix)
  13. The Look (Chaps 1995 Remix)
  14. Stars (Almighty Dub)
  15. Chances (Dancehall version)