APRIL FOOLS’ DAY! – Per Gessle to appear on stage in the Roxette musical!

APRIL FOOLS’ DAY – There is still quite some time left until the Roxette musical hits the theatres in autumn 2024, but it has just been confirmed in a recent interview that besides taking huge part of the job in matching Roxette’s music with the play, Per will also appear on stage each night the musical is on. Well, not exactly on stage, but in the orchestra. Actually, in front of the orchestra, because he accepted the challenge to be the conductor. This way he can make sure everything sounds exactly how he imagines it, so the audience will have an extraordinary experience each night. This is going to be a very new role for Mr. G, of course, but the more he dives into this project, the more his curiosity about theatre life is growing. Who knows, maybe one day we even see his name in the cast of some play. Haha.

The script of the musical is not yet ready, but as you already know, it will be based on Got You Back, a book by Jane Fallon and is being written by Swedish playwright and director Klas Abrahamsson. The premiere will happen in Malmö Opera in autumn 2024.

Dates will be out and tickets for the musical will go on sale in autumn 2023. Until then, you can always read the book. HERE you can find the first chapter.

Conductor Gessle stills are from PG Roxette’s Nothing Else Matters cover video.