Roxette featured in “We Sing” game for Wii

We Sing - RoxettePublished October 26:

According to the track list from Amazon Germany, the game “We Sing” (which looks similar to Singstar for Playstation) for Wii, will feature “It Must Have Been Love”. The game is the first karaoke game for Wii and is scheduled to be released on November 13th, 2009.  The game is published by Nordic Games.

Update, November 3: There’s already another Roxette karaoke on the way! The Singstar-clone “Lips” for X-Box 360 includes Roxette’s hit “The Look”.

Source: (in German)

SingStar “Roxette ballads” mistakes

SuperCynni from the Netherlands informs that SingStar “Roxette Ballad” pack has got several mistakes. You cannot see the lyrics when Marie sings “there’s air of silence” in “It must have been love” and “the bed’s too big without you honey” in “Spending my time” .

She purchased her copy through the Dutch Sony Playstation Store. Have you noticed that too? Drop a line.