Ännu doftar kärlek – a tribute concert to Marie Fredriksson

Malmö Live Konserthus organized a tribute concert to Marie Fredriksson during the theme year ”100 women, 100 years” in Malmö this weekend. Programs of the theme year aim to strengthen and pay tribute to women in the music industry.

The 90-minute-long tribute concert was performed three times, on 10th, 11th and 12th March. Christoffer Nobin who – besides being the one who came up with the idea – was the conductor and arranger, while Helena Josefsson, Amanda Bergman and Emil Svanängen (Loney Dear) performed the songs together with Malmö Symphony Orchestra. According to hardcore fans who were present, all three singers made the songs their own and the whole event was beautiful. The organizers and performers, all singers and musicians had great respect for Marie and the songs.

The concert was a journey through Marie’s art. Songs on the setlist appeared in four groups, each season got a set. During the songs, Marie’s charcoal drawings and parts of the lyrics were projected on the background.



  • Den ständiga resan (Marie Fredriksson) – sung by Helena Josefsson
  • Efter stormen (Marie Fredriksson & Lasse Lindbom) – sung by Amanda Bergman
  • Watercolours In The Rain (Marie Fredriksson & Per Gessle) – sung by Amanda Bergman
  • Mellan sommar och höst (Marie Fredriksson) – sung by Helena Josefsson


  • Herren ber för dig (Marie Fredriksson & Mikael Bolyos) – sung by Emil Svanängen (longtime fan Anja Hoppe was part of the background choir pre-recorded for the concert)
  • Så länge det lyser mittemot (Marie Fredriksson) – sung by Amanda Bergman
  • A Case Of You (Joni Mitchell) – sung by Emil Svanängen
  • Tro (Marie Fredriksson) – sung by Helena Josefsson (longtime fan Anja Hoppe was part of the background choir pre-recorded for the concert)


  • The Man I Love (George Gershwin & Ira Gershwin) – sung by Amanda Bergman
  • Den bästa dagen (Marie Fredriksson, Lasse Lindbom & Niklas Strömstedt) – sung by Helena Josefsson
  • Berusa mig (Marie Fredriksson) – sung by Emil Svanängen
  • Den sjunde vågen (Marie Fredriksson & Lasse Lindbom) – sung by Amanda Bergman & Helena Josefsson


  • Sista sommarens vals (Marie Fredriksson / Erik Satie) – sung by Amanda Bergman
  • It Must Have Been Love (Per Gessle) – sung by Emil Svanängen
  • Ännu doftar kärlek (Marie Fredriksson & Lasse Lindbom) – sung by Helena Josefsson
  • Mot okända hav (Ulf Schagerström) – sung by Emil Svanängen
  • Both Sides Now (Joni Mitchell) – sung by Amanda Bergman
  • Ett hus vid havet (Marie Fredriksson & Lasse Lindbom) – sung by Amanda Bergman, Helena Josefsson & Emil Svanängen
  • Sparvöga (Marie Fredriksson) – sung by Amanda Bergman, Helena Josefsson & Emil Svanängen

The concerts ended with well-deserved standing ovation.

Here you can have a sneak peak of how the songs sounded: Sparvöga; Ett hus vid havet & Sparvöga

Photo by Paula Cafiero Högström

Photos by Riccardo Löffler

Photos by Andreas Kämpf

Thank you for your cooperation, Paula Cafiero Högström, Anja Hoppe, Andreas Kämpf and Riccardo Löffler!

SVT’s tribute event for Marie Fredriksson

According to the press release, friends and members of Sweden’s artist elite gather at Stora Teatern in Gothenburg on 20th January to celebrate Marie Fredriksson’s fantastic music act in connection with her passing away on 9th December 2019.

The event, En kväll för Marie Fredriksson, features songs from Marie’s and Roxette’s song catalogue under the direction of Christoffer Lundquist. We get to hear memories and stories from a long career and see treasures from the archives showing the rising of a world star.

The event is a collaboration between Stora Teatern and SVT, which will also broadcast the tribute concert. The host will be Kattis Ahlström.

– We at SVT look forward to celebrating Marie Fredriksson’s unique work for Swedish music. She and Per Gessle put Sweden back on the musical world map through Roxette’s success around the world, and Marie’s own songs are still played today on dates, weddings and other festive occasions. It will be nice to give back a little in connection with the concert evening, says Christina Hill, SVT program manager.

A few tickets were released to the public on Friday, 10th January and the event got sold out fast.

The concert starts at 19:00 on 20th January, but all who can’t be there in person will be able to watch it, or at least a 1.5-hour-long cut on SVT1 at 21:00 CET on 25th January. SVT states it will be available worldwide.

According to SVT, Per Gessle and other artists who worked together with Marie will perform at the event.

Göteborgs-Posten informs that names of other artists will be announced next week. Performing artists will be backed by a band that can almost be described as a mix of Roxette and Gyllene Tider. Clarence Öfwerman, Christoffer Lundquist, Jonas Isacsson, Anders Herrlin, Micke Syd Andersson, Pelle Alsing, Dea Norberg and Staffan Astner are confirmed to be there.

Still is from “Tack för musiken” (SVT)

Update on 17th January 2020: Eva Dahlgren, Lasse Lindbom, Linnea Henriksson, Agnes, Petra Marklund and Maja Ivarsson will also perform at the event.