Marie Fredriksson’s website is active again

The last news we could read on in April 2009 was about Marie’s exclusive performance  at the royal gala celebrating the 10th anniversary of the World Childhood Foundation. Since then there was silence. In the meantime, Marie went on an awesome tour with Roxette and was very busy with the gigs and travelling around the world, but now that she was performing at the royal wedding and is working on her new solo album, 2 posts appeared in the News section on her official website (Swedish). Nothing else is new there, but the design and content might change very soon. The website is most probably handled by D&D Management.

It would be great to have a Marie Fredriksson Official Facebook page, too. Let’s see what happens.




Bolyos family no longer online

Just a short note while surfing the net:

Though a new Marie Fredriksson album (and maybe tour?) seems to arrive this or next year – at least this is what the rumours say so far – the two websites Mikael Bolyos and Marie Fredriksson used to promote their releases, are not online anymore.
The domain, which Mikael used to promote his own solo album “A family affair” in 2007 has a new owner and is now used by Austrian estate agent Peter Bolyos (probably a relative of Mikael).

The domain – used for several releases of Marie Fredriksson – now is a blog, filled with articles of a Swedish guy called Erik.
So, the interesting question is: Which new domain will there be when Marie’s album is out – probably

South African fan website launched

All South African fans (and all others as well) – heads over to the Roxette website launched by Hanro Manefeldt. There you will find the latest information from the world of Roxette, snippets from “Charm school” album and – hopefully – more content to be added any time soon. By the way – we love the “links” section 🙂

Don’t forget to follow the Facebook page Roxette South Africa and Twitter account RoxetteSA.

Roxette has just landed in Cape Town today. They will play seven sold-out shows in South Africa form more than 40,000 people.

Landed in South Africa! Great place. “I was here two years ago with friends enjoying the lions”, Per says. “My daughter puked on the carpet in this very hotel”, says Marie. She was three!!! Seven great shows to come, y’all!