Two extra songs on the vinyl edition of TRAVELLING

According to the Swedish online shop – the LP version of forthcoming Roxette TRAVELLING album will include two bonus songs – demo version of “Me & You & Terry & Julie” – strangely recorded on June 9, the day Roxette played concert in Bergen, Norway and still tagged as Tits & Ass song (this studio is situated in Halmstad) and long-awaited “Charm school” demo.

Per Gessle confirmed that on Facebook by saying


It turns out that in a very short period of time we will get 19 new songs from Roxette – inluding “It’s possible” demo from the single and “Lover Lover Lover” demo as extra song on iTunes.

Disc 1

1. Me & You & Terry & Julie
2. Lover Lover Lover (Album Version)
3. Turn of the Tide
4. Touched by the Hand of God
5. It’s Possible (Version One)
6. Easy Way Out
7. Excuse Me, Sir, do You Want Me to Check on Your Wife?
8. Perfect Excuse

Disc 2

1. Stars (Soundcheck, Dubai, May 20 2011)
2. Angel Passing
3. She’s Got Nothing on (But the Radio) (Live in Rio de Janeiro, April 16 2011)
4. The Weight of the World (Vocal Up Mix)
5. See Me (New Version)
6. It’s Possible (Version Two)
7. It Must Have Been Love (Night of the Proms, Rotterdam 2011)
8. Me & You & Terry & Julie (Tits & Ass Demo June 9, 2011)
9. Charm School (Tits & Ass Demo September 10, 2009)

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New Roxette album to be released on March 30

Update January 24:

Here’s the intial cover for T2 – Tourism 2 release. also changed Unviersal reference – the album will be out on EMI label.

Swedish base online shop published intial date for the T2 – Tourism 2 album release. According to the website the new Roxette album goes out on March 30 and will cost around EUR 17.95. The name is still unknown.

The interesting fact is that it’s the first Roxette’s album to be released under Universal Music label.

Thanks to Daniel Kuhn for finding this and for informing about the cover.

“Best of Roxette” is the title of a new song book. publidshed some information regarding forthcoming release of a new Roxette song book. The book will be entitled “Best of Roxette” and it will be available to purchase in Sweden from March 22nd or 23rd. It costs 299 SEK.

According to Martin Östergren is the author behind this publication.

Don’t forget to follow Gehrmans Musikförlag. Now they are working on “Neverendig love” – there will be 30 songs and 11 of them were never published in this form.

The book will include Roxette’s photos as well as the comments from Per Gessle himself.

Swedish shops list Roxette re-releases.

The most important Swedish e-shops put Roxette 2009 re-releases on their lists.

The only one which delivers to every country in the world is and re-releases cost 79SEK / 7.90€ / 11.22$. got all the albums for 79SEK / 8.95€ and for only 69SEK / 7€. Unfortunately, these two last shops deliver only to the chosen countries.

On the other hand, if you want to buy Roxette orignal releases very cheap and you are Swedish citizen, there is also a chance. has started sale 29SEK for “Pearls of passion”, “Look sharp!”, “Joyride” and “Crash!Boom!Bang!” and Tourism for 49SEK.