“Run To Roxette” forums closing due to inactivity

After many years as one of the biggest Roxette fan communities “Run To Roxette” announced the closing of it’s forums today:

Hi there,
Due to the growth of social networks, we’ll close the R2R forum on january 1st, so please save the messages, contacts and pictures that you want. We can keep in contact thought the Facebook page.

Facebook fan page: facebook.com/RunToRoxette
Twitter: twitter.com/RunToRoxette

The Run to Roxette Team.


The decrease of activity on the forums was clearly visible in the last months, when more and more Roxers concentrated their activity on social networks instead of the classical communities. After so many years it feels a bit sad though.

What do you think, can networks like Facebook replace the whole package of a dedicated fan community?

Mats Udd for RunToRoxette.com: Roxette wanted to have a happy video

RunToRoxette.com site did an interesting interview with Mats Udd, the director of the latest Roxette video for “She’s got nothing on (but the radio)” single. The interview is English and you can read it here.

Here is one of the most interesting answers Mats gave:

What is the spirit of the video for “She’s got nothing on (But The Radio)”?
I actually sent four ideas which was very different from eachother and they pick the last one and it was the most brightest idea cos they wanted a happy video. So that’s the spirit of the video, happiness but I tried to do it with a little twist. Of course, I wanted to go much deeper into weirdness but I guess that wouldn’t be true to the Roxette fans haha.

NOTP tour: photos then and now

Marie 2001 and 2009User Caleb at the ‘Run to Roxette’ forums posted an interesting photo comparison between poses from the proms and earlier tours. Check it out!

My verdict:

Many years and big fights later – still the same poses! Still very much Roxette!

And when Marie grows more security through the tour she’ll shine brighter and brighter again. 😀