26th anniversary of Look Sharp Live – Roxette in Borgholm? – VOTE!

No, the anniversary is not today. It’s next year. Why do I come up with this topic then? Probably, because several new dates have been added to the already impressive list of XXX tour dates during the past 2 weeks. Still no South or North American, Asian or African dates are known, but surely there will be some concerts added also in those parts of the world, when everything is arranged.

Since the European tour leg was announced and I saw the Swedish dates, I can’t get one thought out of my head. And I guess I’m not alone with that thought. The cities are:

18 July – Kalmar
22 July – Halmstad
24 July – Gothenburg
25 July – Stockholm

There are some days off between Kalmar and Halmstad which could be spent with something else than just sightseeing in Sweden. Kalmar actually lies very close to an extremely important place not only in the Swedish Royal Family’s life, but in Roxette’s history. Borgholm is the place I’m talking about.

Roxette performed at Borgholm Castle already in 1987 on the Badrock tour, but more importantly, the place is known for most of the Roxers because of Look Sharp Live (recorded on 25th-26th July 1989, released on VHS on 1st October 1989) and for the rest of the people on the Globe because of Listen To Your Heart video. Still too funny that the ruins were thought to be built only for the video’s sake.

Wouldn’t it be awesome to drive through Öland Bridge on 19th July, look around on the island and have a fantastic gig at night inside the ruins of Borgholm Castle? Just like 26 years ago. The distance between Kalmar and Borgholm is only 40 km, so it’s easy to get there. 20th-21st July is still enough for everyone to do the usual ”sightseeing” in Halmstad before the show on 22nd July.

So far there is only one concert scheduled for the summer of 2015 inside the ruins (Tomas Ledin, 29th July), so 19th July still seems to be free. The date? Fits! Roxers’ touring agenda? Fits! Marie barefoot? Fits!

How about a poll? Even if you might not be able to attend that gig personally for any reason, you might want to share your opinion and see some videos later. If miracle happens and a concert will be organized there.

[yop_poll id=”17″]

On a side note, hearing Paint live there would be a fab addition, but already a gig itself inside the ruins would simply be an out of the world experience! Wishful thinking it might be, but hope dies last… We want to see Roxette live in Borgholm! The 30th anniversary tour definitely deserves a stop there!


Stills are from Listen To Your Heart video


Update on 17th December:

Now we’re informed that a Facebook page was already created by Maria Francovig Valero (Argentina) in 2013 to support Roxette to perform in Borgholm in 2014. Then as the year was passing by, another page was created, hoping for Roxette to play there in 2016. You can join those pages if you feel like it. No matter which year, we just need a Roxette concert in Borgholm! 2015 just seems to be a perfect year for that.

Micke Syd makes a stand for more organ donation – VOTE!

If you are following the adventures of Micke Syd (Gyllene Tider’s fab drummer) on Facebook, you surely know that his son, Dennis had to go through a kidney transplantation earlier this year. The donor was Madeleine, Dennis’s mother. The whole family is very supportive when it comes to organ donation. Living with Dennis’s health problem for so many years makes it even more understandable.

Micke Syd is the spokesman of MOD (Mer organdonation = More Organ Donation) and the latest support he provided them with was that he and Dennis took part in the charity show of Postkodmiljonären (= Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?). They played brilliantly and won 75,000 SEK for the organization MOD. Now there is a chance to add 10,000 SEK to this by a simple vote on Micke Syd’s and Dennis’s winner dance posted on Postkodmiljonären’s Facebook page. To vote, you just have to click ”like” for the video HERE. Simple as that. Give the organization a chance! Thanks for your help in voting!


Photo by Postkodmiljonären


Marie Fredriksson and Rockbjörnen 2014

It all started in the beginning of June, when we asked you to vote for Marie Fredriksson as live artist of the year and help her winning a Rockbjörnen award. Roxers are very good at voting, so it was not a real surprise when we got to see Marie on the shortlist for Swedish female live artist of the year. It was a very happy moment for all of us.

The voting went on and on, each day more and more fans joined us and kept their fingers crossed for our votes being enough for Marie to win. Aftonbladet also encouraged the voting several times either on their website or in their Facebook posts, sometimes also using Marie’s photo vs. other artists which made us vote even harder. According to Aftonbladet, it was a record period for them regarding the number of votes. They registered appr. 1 million votes in total. Thanx everyone, who voted for Marie!

Aftonbladet broadcast the gala live, but we couldn’t see Ms Effe at the show. Not seeing her arriving to the gala felt like a prediction that the winner could be someone else. Also because of the fact that only 1 shortlisted artist (in this category I mean) arrived to the gala. This time the winner in the category is Zara Larsson.

Actually, winning a Rockbjörn or not, I can say it in each and every fan’s name: Marie is the female live artist of the year for all of us! Can’t wait to hear you live again, Marie! See you on tour!


Besides mentioning Roxette and Gyllene Tider several times during the gala, there were many Rockbjörnen historical pics shown on a background screen. This one as well.
Besides mentioning Roxette and Gyllene Tider several times during the gala, there were many Rockbjörnen historical pics shown on a background screen. This one as well.


Which Roxette songs would you like to hear live? #11

Roxette_It_All_Begins_Where_It_EndsAnd last but not least, time to vote for those singles or songs that were not included in any album (at least in the first release) but were released as stand-alone singles or as b-sides, compilations or The Rox Box.

Since the list is quite long, this time you can choose up to 4 songs.

At the end of the article you can see the results per album so far. The final results with absolute winner and so on will be available in September.

Thank you for participating!

[yop_poll id=”14″]

Pearls of Passion:
#1 – Neverending Love (247 votes)
#2 – So Far Away (222 votes)
#3 – Secrets That She Keeps (217 votes)

Look Sharp!
#1 – Paint (504 votes)
#2 – (I Could Never) Give You Up (282)
#3 – Sleeping Single (207)

#1 – (Do You Get) Excited? (404 votes)
#2 – Hotblooded (292 votes)
#3 – Knockin’ On Every Door (278 votes)

#1 – The Rain (296 votes)
#2 – Fingertips (252 votes)
#3 – Queen Of Rain (239 votes)

Crash! Boom! Bang!
#1 – Fireworks (407 votes)
#2 – What’s She Like? (385 votes)
#3 – Run To You (384 votes)

Have A Nice Day
#1 – Crush On You (465 votes)
#2 – Anyone (257 votes)
#3 – Beautiful Things (222 votes)

Room Service
#1 – The Center Of The Heart (378 votes)
#2 – Milk And Toast And Honey (374 votes)
#3 – Real Sugar (324 votes)

Charm School
#1 – Speak To Me (613 votes)
#2 – No One Makes It On Her Own (302 votes)
#3 – Only When I Dream (301 votes)

#1 – Lover Lover Lover (675 votes)
#2 – Touched By The Hand Of God (668 votes)
#3 – Me & You & Terry & July (351 votes)

Album singles – hits
#1 – Crash! Boom! Bang! (368 votes)
#2 – Fading Like A Flower (305 votes)
#3 – Wish I Could Fly (271 votes)
#4 – Listen To Your Heart (254 votes)


Marie Fredriksson for female live artist of the year – VOTE!

650x573_MF_tour_2014Our voting bonanza was absolutely worth it! Marie got on the shortlist of the best Swedish female live artists of the year! Woohoo! Now here is the chance to vote for her again to let her win this prize. All you have to do is the following:

  1. Click HERE
  2. Vote for Marie Fredriksson where you can see her name in the ÅRETS KVINNLIGA LIVEARTIST(Female live artist of the year) block
  3. Click on NÄSTA (next)
  4. Fill in your name (first name & surname), e-mail address, year of birth (födelseår) and whether you are female (kvinna) or male (man), then reply to the control question (e.g. 5 + 5 = 10). If you want to receive info and offers from Aftonbladet, leave the tick in.
  5. Click on RÖSTA (vote)!


Marie won 5 Rockbjörnen awards so far:


Swedish female artist of the year: Marie Fredriksson


Swedish female artist of the year: Marie Fredriksson

Swedish album of the year: Marie Fredriksson – Efter stormen


Swedish female artist of the year: Marie Fredriksson


Swedish female artist of the year: Marie Fredriksson


Let’s see if the list can continue like this in some days:


Swedish female live artist of the year: Marie Fredriksson


VOTE each day until 20th August! She deserves it so much!